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Everyone may have a different definition of media and how someone is media literate or what it means to be media literate. My definition of media is what is going on around us and how word travels. The first thing I think of when I think of media is the newspaper. Media is worldwide and different every day, but it can be positive and/or negative. An example of this would be if you are Justin Bieber and you’re being blamed for egging your neighbor’s house. If he did do it then he must take responsibility for his actions, but if it wasn’t him then it makes him look bad and some may think of him differently and/or never know the truth. But a positive example would be Tripp Halstead; most people know his story and still try to stay updated about his condition. Because of media Tripp’s story traveled fast and had such a positive and supportive result from people. His family made a Facebook page for those that want to know how he is doing; the family has also received support and encouraging words from others because media helped explain his story. Media literacy may be a problem for some, in my words media literacy would be how well you are connected and can understand what is going on with the media today. For example if you lived under a rock and never came out, I would not consider you media literate because you would have no idea what is going on in the world around you and how to use new technological tools to help understand media. In my opinion newscasters are the most media literate people out there. They are some of the first people to know what event is occurring and they must understand the different events in order to explain them well and accurately to others. Most teenagers may understand more technology than their elders but they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… This means that they are wrapped up in more of the rumors or drama of the media, so they are not as media literate. An example of this would be if on Channel 2 News they informed us that Paul Walker died while riding in a car with another driver, and that they were believed to be speeding. But on Twitter it may be that Paul Walker was racing his best friend and he had 3 other people in his car, hit 4 people in the street, then he continued to race until he hit a telephone pole, flew out the windshield, and landed on his best friend’s car. Media changes every day which means that we must constantly stay updated and learn new advancements in order to help up understand things just a little bit better.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

Budweiser Commercial

Budweiser in the commercial “Puppy Love” explains that you can be friends with anyone no matter their background. Budweiser supports their explanation by demonstrating that a puppy and a horse can be friends and that no one can separate them. Budweiser’s purpose is to show that their product brings all people together, no matter their ethnicity, in order to persuade people to drink their beer. Budweiser writes in an emotional tone for men and women 21 or older.

Obesity Modest Proposal

The Obesity Modest Proposal

To correct obesity worldwide,

From preventing hunger,

And providing jobs nationwide

by Morgan Ross


It is an obnoxious and selfish habit these over-sized people are putting on their nation. It is a hassle for parents to keep up with their demanding needs by constantly providing food. The public can not handle all of the food they consume, eventually we will run out. The public does not deserve to suffer due to their unhealthy habits. Young children follow in their footsteps and grow up to be obese, depressed, and secluded from others.

It is agreed nationwide that these habits need to come to an end and that we can not keep up with them. The world will soon run out of food, which will lead to a zombie apocalypse because there will be no other option but to eat each other. Life as we know it may change dramatically... and soon.

I trust that when I say we need a solution, it would be agreed world-wide. Others may have solutions but I believe that mine is the best. This solution will provide jobs and prevent a shortage of food. The best way to solve this problem is to create a machine for men and women. Each will be specifically designed to their wants and needs. We will need trained personnel to operate these machines and others to build the machines which will create many job opportunities.

These machines will dissolve the fat which will exit through their skin and it will be caught in the bottom of the machine. As for the left over skin it will be shrunk by using our secret formula, that way if these people gain weight again their skin will still be able to stretch just like it did before. As for the left over fat, it will be donated to those unable to gain weight and sold in stores for those who may use it for any other purposes.

As for the eating problem we will inject all food with a secret serum that makes humans feel full by only eating half of what they usually do. We will need trained personnel to create and inject the serum. Both of my solutions have been tested on rats and there was a positive result. None of the rats were harmed from the serum and the fat removal process.

Some may disagree with my idea and say it is in-humane but it is the safest and most fool proof way to solve these issues. No one will be harmed in the process and it is their decision to do this, which I would recommend. But if anyone can think of a better idea it would be my pleasure to hear it. Without my plan you may be eaten by a fat zombie; but if you survive the zombies there will not be any available food and you will starve to death. It has taken me years to devise and perfect this plan, I am positive it will work. My plan will end obesity and create jobs for the public.

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N for Nature

Nature narrates with natural sounds to those noble enough to listen. The experience of nature is natural and necessary for everyone. Nature brings nervous yet natural feelings to those that understand the notable beauty of it. Naturally humans feel the need to hide in their niche with numerous electronics, when their real niche is outdoors. Nature is not noxious, it is neighborly and welcoming, nudge your nature side and let it free.

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Big Brother Cures Flesh Eating Bacteria

Aimee Copeland, the 24-year-old Georgia woman who was saved from a dangerous battle against flesh-eating bacteria, thanks to Big Brother was released from the hospital today.

Copeland was told by doctors that she may have to begin getting limbs amputated to stay ahead of the bacterial infection. When Big Brother heard this he knew he had to take action. He immediately got to work with some Party members and created a cure for this bacterial infection.

"Aimee is so grateful to have Big Brother by her side through the scare of the almost fatal bacterial infection" her father, Andy, said Monday.

Copeland was discharged Monday morning from Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, hospital spokesman Barclay Bishop said.

Andy Copeland told CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront" yesterday, his daughter is ready for new surroundings: "She's been seeing those four walls inside that hospital a couple days." Aimee Copeland had to stay in the hospital for supervision. Big Brother wanted to make sure that this infection was gone and not coming back. He was prepared to create a new cure if needed.

Aimee Copeland had gone outside the hospital in a wheelchair as her condition was being watched” said Andy Copeland in his blog.

Copeland's ordeal began May 1 when she was riding a makeshift zip line across the Little Tallapoosa River, about 50 miles west of Atlanta. The line snapped, and she fell and received a gash in her left calf that took 22 staples to close.

Three days later, still in pain, she went to an emergency room. Doctors eventually determined she had necrotizing fasciitis caused by the bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila.

Since then, her father has blogged about her situation to keep friends and family updated.

A number of bacteria that are common in the environment but rarely cause serious infections can lead to necrotizing fasciitis. When the bacteria get into the bloodstream, such as through a cut, doctors typically move aggressively to excise even healthy tissue near the infection site in hopes of ensuring none of the dangerous bacteria remain.

The infection attacks and destroys healthy tissue and is fatal about 80% of the time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But with the new cure the bacterial infection is not fatal.

Copeland has remained positive throughout the ordeal that brought her to the sight of death, her sister told "OutFront."

"She's just amazing because she just knows that she's blessed and she is just so happy to be alive," Paige Copeland said. "Aimee, she cherishes life. She relishes life. Every day is a gift and she always has had that outlook even before her accident."

Big Brother wanted to prevent this from happening again so he decided to have all Zip lines checked and replaced. This includes the wires, harnesses, helmets, and clips. He also ordered for all lakes, rivers, or any bodies of water to be checked for the bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila. Any body of water that had this would be treated with the cure that he had recently found. All bodies of water that tested positive were shut down for a week for treatment. After 6 days they tested the bodies of water again to make sure that the treatment worked. Big Brother also made a team that tests bodies of water weekly for this bacterium or any other harmful bacteria. So far all bodies of water were cured the first time and no others have tested positive for Aeromonas hydrophila or any other harmful bacteria.

This story was republished because the editor said that Aimee Copeland gashed her right calf when it was her left calf.

I chose this story because I thought that it was interesting when it first went viral and it would not be a popular story for other students to use.

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Inner circle - bad boys lyrics (cops theme song)

Bad Boys Lyrics

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha want

Whatcha gonna do when sherrif John Brown

come for you tell me whatcha gonna do.

Bad boys bad boys

Watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do

when they come for you

Bad boys, bad boys

Watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do

when they come for you

When you were eight

And you had bad traits

You go to school and you learn the golden rule

So why are you acting like a bloody fool

If you get hot you must get cool

Bad boys, bad boys

Watcha gonna do whatcha gonna do

When they come for you (repeat)

You chuck it on that one

You chuck it on this one

You chuck it on mother and

You chuck it on you father

You chuck it on you brother and

You chuck it on you sister

You chuck it on that one and you chuck it on me

Nobody naw give you no break

Police naw give you no break

Soldier naw give you no break

Not even you idren naw give you no break

Why did you have to act so mean don't you know

You're a human being born of a mother with

The love of a father reflections come and reflections go

I know sometimes you want to let go

I know sometimes you want to let go

Bad Boys in 1984

The song Bad Boys by Inner Circle reminds me of the book 1984. In 1984 the Party would say that Winston is being a “bad boy” because he is committing thought crime and going against the Party. That is what originally made me think of the song, but as I started reading the lyrics I realized it relates in many other ways. The first line says “Bad boys, bad boys whatcha want” Winston does not know whether he should go against the Party and write in his diary or follow the rules and stay safe. But eventually he decides that he wants to make a change by stopping Big Brother and he writes in the diary. Another line is “Bad boys, bad boys Watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when they come for you”, Julia and Winston say that they will stay human inside and that they will always love each other but they both don’t know what they are in for. Julia and Winston had no idea what to do when they were captured and taken to the Ministry of Love. And the last line that relates the most is “Nobody naw give you no break Police naw give you no break Soldier naw give you no break Not even you idren(children) naw give you no break”. This line reminds me of one scene in particular when Winston sees Mr. Parsons at the Ministry of Love because his daughter turned him in for thoughtcrime in his sleep. Like it says in the song “Not even you idren naw give you no break”. In the book 1984 you don’t get a break if you mess up (commit thought crime), which really means you can’t trust or get close to anyone.


This year I took Media Literacy with Mr. Zopf. The class was extremely different from any other language arts class that I have taken. Instead of learning crazy vocabulary, learning about authors, and writing too many essays, I learned about social media and how it is effecting society today. When I first started taking the class I did not like it. But as it got further in to the semester I realized that some of the things I was learning will help me in my future whether it be standing out or how to write a précis. I liked that we had less independent reading and we read together as a class. I enjoyed having my teacher read and explain parts of the book when we read together. One of the books we read was 1984 and I liked it more than I thought I would. It really opened by eyes to major problems in the world today that the government has hidden. One example would be when I tried looking up the articles that Edward Snowden released, but I could not find any of the original articles online. If I would have read the book 1984 at home, it would have been more confusing and I would not have understood the key points the book was portraying. There is not much that I would have changed about this class. Of course I did not like précis but they will be helpful in college and later in life. Overall I enjoyed this class and I would not change the class or any of the lesson plans. I liked that this class was serious but we could still joke around every day. I also like that you interact with the kids and join in on the laughter rather than separating yourself. Lastly I liked that you let us get to know you by telling us about yourself and always telling us stories from the day before or years earlier.