North Carolina

By Colonists: Evan D and Nikita G

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North Carolina is a great colony to come to because it has great land and provides great opportunity for farming there is also a great body of water and many rivers to get inland and to the Atlantic ocean.

Colonial Map

The land in North Carolina is great they provide soft and rich soil they for sure provides great opportunity and if you want a job North Carolina is where you should come.


The government is great the King of England hand-picked them himself and the government is a royal type, also North Carolina picks its own legislature and it is divided into three different branches Legislative, Judicial, and Executive.


There is a lot of religious tolerance in North Carolina there is lots of diversity but the two main religions were Anglican and Baptist there are also a lot of other religions in North Carolina.


The economy in North Carolina is amazing. They have everything a colonist could wish for. They have a great source of water. They have a lot of lumber and forests for building shelter. North Carolina has large chunks of land that are made just for the agriculture. You are able to butcher hogs and turkeys that you catch. North Carolina is a big producer in tobacco, cotton, and indigo.