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December Tips: Concept Mastery & Framing Routines

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When should I use the Concept Mastery and Framing Routines?

Both routines should be used to highlight and deepen understanding of critical content. The Concept Mastery Routine should be used to help students form a deeper understanding of critical concepts within a unit. Consider using for critical concepts that are abstract and/or difficult for students to understand. Typically, the Framing Routine is used to help students develop a more thorough understanding of a large body of content that has particular significance within a unit or course. For example, it may be used to explore one section of the Unit Organizer. The routines can also serve as a support for struggling students that allows them to engage in rigorous tasks.

How can these routines be used to facilitate higher level thinking?

Concept Mastery Routine:

Questioning- Once the device is completed, ask students higher level questions regarding the concept and allow them to use the device as a support to help them formulate their responses.

o How does the targeted concept relate to the overall concept?

o How can this example and this nonexample look so similar, yet not be members of the same concept group?

o Determine if ______ is an example or a non-example and use evidence from the diagram to support your conclusion.

Framing Routine:

Perspective taking- Have students use the main idea boxes to explore different perspectives on the same topic. For example, have them explore women’s liberation from the radical perspective, the moderate perspective, and the traditional perspective. Divide students into groups and have each group brainstorm and determine essential details for their assigned perspective. Have groups share their findings with the class.

Ideas for Extending Understanding after Completing a Frame

* Have students prioritize main ideas and details according to importance to the topic and explain their answers.

* Have students prioritize main ideas according to other criteria (i.e. greatest impact on their lives, most controversial, most misunderstood, etc..)

* Have students respond to a “what if” statement related to the main ideas and details on the Frame. Have them explain the reasoning behind their speculations

* Plan higher level questions that require students to connect main ideas to one another, to information that was previously learned, or to real world scenarios.

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Concept Mastery Templates

Concept Mastery Examples

Concept Mastery Checklist

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Framing Examples

Framing Checklist

For support contact:

Sherry Peterson (CLC)

Cathy Crawford (NELC)

Concept Mastery and Framing Follow-up Session- North Learning Center Room 106

Friday, Jan. 22nd 2016 at 8-11am

450 Northridge Parkway

Atlanta, GA

Please bring any Concept Mastery and/or Framing devices that you have completed and be prepared to discuss implementation.