eggcellent eagle

josh and jesus and victor


1. 2 bags of cotton balls

2. 1 can

3. 1 cereal box

4. 1 water bottle

5. string

6. tape

7. 1 plastic bag

our hypothesies

our prediction is that our vehicle will land safely because it is in a can it is hard to break the egg. also it will have a parachute and wings and fall safely.

our vehicle pictures

can we construct a egg vehicle to survive a 30 feet drop

what we think about are vehicle

we think are vehicle will survive a 30 feet drop by using the wing s and parachute to fly safely down. we also decided to use fishing line then yarn to hold the parachute.

we think that are vehicle will survive because it is made out of a can.

we are the eggcellent eagles

this is our project