What is it and how does it work?


The name of the disorder I was assigned is autism. Autism is a disorder that means they have problems dealing with social situations and problems (minor or major). Children usually look the same as any other child. It generally affects only the brain, everything else is fine. Some effects it may have on the body is they can not do some of the things we do daily as a normal child would perform them. Their voices will usually sound much more professional or woody. Scientists believe believe the immune system produces antibodies wrongly so they attack the brain, causing autism.

What can trigger Autism?

Autism is not a mutation, it is a gene carried from parent to child. There are currently no known causes for Autism. Though Autism was previously thought to only affect men, studies show it also can be found in women. (It is still more common in males.) It is specifically linked to the X chromosome. The disorder is dominant and not recessive, meaning the child is more likely to get it if his/her parent has it.

How to treat Autism?

Autism can be treated with behavioral treatment and medicines, sometimes even a combination of both.Genetic counseling is an option with the disorder, in fact it'd probably help and show at least a little results. There are many ways to treat this common disease. (1 in 42 males and 1 in 189 females.)