planet of the apes archetypes

by marcus joyner

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Blue eyes is the hero because he knew something didnt seem right killing humans so he waited to kill humans and then he found out koba killed his father instead of the humans and he sent the messege to the apes


His quest was to find out the truth of why the apes was killing the humans and to find out why koba was locking apes in cages

friendly beast

koba is the friendly beast because he is on the apes side,but he shoots Ceasar and kills other apes because nobody would Listen to him.


The image is animals because the apes are animals and the apes symbolize evil and the humans symbolize good


The task was to find out the truth of who shot ceasar and why is Kola killing apes and locking them up in buses.


ceasar gets shot by koba and humans find him alive and they fix his wound and he goes out to look for koba

Good vs evil

At the end of the movie ceasar the good ape ends up finding koba to fight and kill him.