≫ jolee's bucket list ≫

april 2015

≫ coachella ≫

indio, california

coachella is a valley music and arts festival located in california. california is a border state that has had a lot of physical weathering caused by waves(erosion). california also has many landforms like canyons that are caused by wind, water, & temperature.

≫ paradise ridge ≫

ladera resort, st. lucia

paradise ridge is a beautiful spot in the world. paradise ridge has many mountains, mountains are created by erosion (physical weathering), like wind & rain.

≫ learn to surf ≫

waikiki, hawaii

hawaii is a state made up of islands. there is a whole lot of physical weathering made by the waves from its many beaches. the waves cause erosion on the earth's surface. also hawaii has many rocks that were carved out from the waves.

GoPro HD: Alana and Monyca Surfing Hawaii

≫ sea of stars ≫

vadhoo island, maldives

the sea of stars is an unforgettable image. this image is caused by the reflection of the stars in the sky. during the day the maldives is also beautiful and has calm waves which cause physical weathering (erosion) that crashes onto the beach.

≫ ratua private island ≫

ratua, vanuatu

ratua private island was formed by an underwater volcano that erupted and created this island. there are many rivers that cause physical weathering by erosion which is carving into earth's surface.