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April 4-8, 2013


Staff yellow tickets ???? YYYYEEESSS! What can you get the yellow tickets for?

Showing your Doss Pride on Fridays with Doss wear; picking your kids up from the cafeteria or specials on time; appropriately supervising students on the playground; showing up to assembly on time; taking attendance before 10:00; meeting one of the many deadlines that we throw at you; or...just because...you are a teacher and we know that you are busting your butt every day!!!!! Put your name on the back of the yellow ticket and bring it to the office --toss it in the big white bucket. We will have a drawing every Friday until school is out! Prizes include an extended lunch; we will teach your class for the last 45 minutes of the day; lunch from Austin Terrier; a week of jeans; coffee; breakfast tacos and much much more!

Greeting students at your door ....is this important? Does it set the tone for the day? Or does it, at least, tell you the temperature of the day? Greeting students -- a basic tenant of Capturing Kids' Hearts - is important to your classroom culture. If you do this daily --kudos. If you have gotten away from this --considering implementing again. If you have never done this --TRY IT!

Kinder registration is this Tuesday in the Library. We will also host an ELL registration session for our ELL students and their families on Tuesday afternoon. We will have interpreters on hand and will assist returning families in the registration process.

Speaking of registration, we need your assistance in gathering the proof of address for each family. We have sent out notices but we know that your parents are more likely to read an email from you. These are due on April 15th. Thanks for your help!

DOSS PRIDE contest! I am offering a popsicle party to every class that as 100% of Doss Pride on Friday April 15th! I loved what the 5th grade student at assembly had to say this last week: "Wearing your Doss shirt and showing your Doss Pride shows that you care about your school, your teachers, your classmates. " If you need shirts let us know - we are happy to help. Thanks for supporting DOSS PRIDE!

Faculty Meeting on Monday - let's talk about resiliency. How do we develop this in our students? Let's chat and learn from each other!

Doss Adult Party = SNL. Come on out for a fun night and a BIG fund raiser for Doss Elementary. We could not be the school that we are without the full and never ending support of our PTA!!! I hope to see you there this Saturday night!

5th Grade Science benchmark is this Wednesday. There are no changes to the master schedule. Go fifth grade!

March Madness, a fun math competition for third grade is in full swing! It has been going on for two weeks, with the finals on Monday, April 4th, between the classes of Mrs. Hodges and Mrs. Stover. LET'S DO THIS! Hoot!

ELL Registration Assistance on Tuesday, April 5th-PLEASE NOTE changes to afternoon pull outs

Extra assistance will be available in the computer lab for all ELL (English Language Learners) families who need to register for the next year. If you have any students who families could benefit from this, please encourage those families to come to the computer lab from 1-3pm.


Mi-Ae Lee, Leah Thomas and Farah Abdulazeez will be assisting in the computer lab during this time. All of their afternoon pull outs (from 1-3) on Tuesday, April 5th will be canceled.

The computer lab will also be closed to classes during 1-3pm.

504 Compliance Requirements

We will be undergoing an internal audit from AISD for our 504 Program over the next couple of months.

As we are double-checking our electronic 504 records and hard files in preparation, it has come to our attention that many teachers (classroom and special areas) have not opened their 504 accommodation plan receipts via email. These were sent at the beginning of the year and are also sent each time an accommodation plan has been updated throughout the year. Even if you receive a hard copy of a 504 accommodation plan at a meeting, you still MUST open the email and link that is sent to you, as this is your electronic signature. If we do not have documentation of your online signature, it is assumed that it was not received, thus not followed, making us out of federal compliance.

We simply need for you to open the emails and links to sign for them.

Please see Shanna's email (dated 3/31/16) for more information regarding this (including information about 504 and special areas).

Kindergarten Roundup/ Registration is Tuesday, April 5th

Incoming Kindergarten registration will be on Tuesday, April 5th, in the library from 9-12am. This will also render the copier in the library as well as the copier across from the library (in the old Read Naturally room) off limits too, as this room will also be in use.

Art To Remember Fundraiser Notes-Important Submission Deadlines

A note from Mrs. Miller:

Monday morning, April 4th, is the last time I can take any paper orders for the art fundraiser, Art to Remember. The absolute deadline for mailing in paper orders is that day.

After that, parents can order online, using the child's individual number on the order form. They should order online before Friday evening, April 8th.


Upcoming Library events

Thursday, April 14

@ 2:15- Geoff Rodkey Skype (1/2 of 5th grade)

Friday, April 15

all day- Matt Sandback- puppeteer- poetry theme, K-4th

@ 2:15- Geoff Rodkey Skype (other 1/2 of 5th grade)

Music Calendar

April 13th: Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal 2:00-2:45 in cafeteria (we would love for teachers to bring their classes to come see our performance, but we know you're busy, so drop by if you have time!)

April 14th: Spring Concert @6:30 in cafeteria --> Honor Choir, Owls with Mallets, and Recorder Ninjas

April 29th: Doss Music Memory teams are announced (6 kids each from 3rd, 4th, 5th grade)

May 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th: drum circle after school in Ms. Tannert's room. Teachers are welcome to join if you want to blow off a little end of the year steam

May 14th: AISD Music Memory Contest @ PAC

May 17th-19th: In class performances (Informances) in music classes for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grade

May 31st: Teacher Talent Show @ 2pm in cafeteria (everybody!)

June 1st: 5th grade talent show 8:00-9:00am in gym

June 2nd: Kinder-4th grade talent shows in gym

No A/C on Saturday, April 9th

AISD Maintenance will be working on our A/C on Saturday, April 9th, so no air conditioning on that day.

Saturday Night LIve! Spring Party Information

From the Doss PTA:

Saturday Night Live Spring Party is Saturday, April 9!

Here is the link to the page so teachers can email Amanda Swan to RSVP and also buy a Guest Ticket -


This page is also linked from the Buy Tickets page under the Spring Party ticket text.


There is also a paper RSVP sheet in the teacher lounge if you want to RSVP there instead.

We will also need an RSVP from all teachers who plan to attend even if NOT purchasing an extra ticket. We need this RSVP for headcount purposes for the venue. Deadline for the RSVPs will be end of day, Wednesday, April 6th.

Nurse's Notes

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. I will be providing tidbits of information on Child Abuse Prevention throughout this month:

Per our TEA:
As mandated reporters, educators and other school staff must remain informed on the topic of child abuse. School personnel represent the largest professional resource for reporting suspected child abuse and neglect in Texas. Education leaders can promote awareness of Texas laws and the safety of Texas students by developing effective reporting policies, programs, and employee training.

Texas Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-252-5400

Bertha Cavazos, RN, BS
School Nurse

STAAR and Benchmark Testing Schedule

Wednesday, April 6

5th Science benchmark

Thursday, April 7

Make up Testing-benchmarks

Monday, May 9

STAAR test

3rd-Math STAAR

4th-Reading STAAR

5th -Math STAAR Retest

Tuesday, May 10

STAAR test

3rd-Reading STAAR

4th-Reading STAAR

5th- Reading STAAR Retest

Wednesday, May 11

STAAR test

5th-Science STAAR

Thursday, May 12, Friday, May 13

STAAR Test makeup testing

Counselor's Corner

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