Among The Hidden

By: Jack Shurgot

What Is It About?

Among The Hidden is a book written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The novel relates to a social justice issue, were all 3rd child's are illegal do to a population law. The main character of the book is Luke. Luke is a 3rd child, who is 12 years old coming from a poor farming family. Luke spent his time helping this family farm the land that was surrounded by woods. However, in the book the woods are all cut down and new houses are being build all around Luke's Family's house. Later luke's family finds out the house being build are for very wealth government people and Luke is now no longer allowed to leave his room. The book is all written from Luke's perspective and what he does all day when home alone. The truth may shock you!

What All Happened In The Beggining of the Book?

In the first chapter of the book the author spends no time laying out the plot and introducing most of the characters. By the end of the first chapter you already have a feel on every characters personality, which is what I think the author was trying to include right from the gecko. Also in the first chapter Luke's family sold here forest that keeps them isolated for the city and other people that might be a threat to Luke. The problem in the beginning of the book is when Luke's family were forced to sell the woods to the government, the government used the new land to build houses for the high ranking government workers. Lot of these government works would be a threat to Luke's will being if they ever saw him. So Luke's parents make Luke spend all his time in his room. The few chapter are pretty boring for the author adds no new twist or information. After a little bit luke then thinks why he has to spend all his time in his and cant go outside and play like his brothers do. He then thinks of the time he ask his mother when he was 6 years old and she explained to him that the government doesn't see the beauty in him like her and his family. Luke wasn't satisfied with that answer but saw that mother was getting emotional and just when with it. If it wasn't bad enough that government people were there neighbors, the government then forced Luke's family to get rite of there main source of income, hogs, for the new neighbors couldn't handle the smell. Things got even more worse for Luke's family when the government tripled there taxes cause there land is now worth more money cause its in a high end neighborhood. That forces his mom to get a job leaving Luke home alone all day by himself. Then something know one expected happened!

What Happenped In The Miidele Of The Book?

When Luke was home alone all day he had nothing to do so he would so he would stare out a vent in his home and looked at his new neighbors. He learned after watching them a lot that there were 28 new people, and all of them would have left their homes at around 9. Then one day when everyone was gone Luke saw the shape of a child in his neighbors house that already had two kids. Luke got really excited cause he though he might have found another third child. What happened next was probably the most exciting part of the whole book! First Luke wanted to make sure he did she someone, he watched the house very closely for about a week. After seeing more signs that someone might have been there he decided to do something he never thought he would do! Luke decided to leave his house, get into this neighbors house and meet the other third child, all in brood daylight when he thinks everyone has left. When the chance came and all his family left look made his move. He had gone over his route a 1000 times in his head. He crawled on the ground behind his hedge. Then he ran to the barn. Finally he jumped the neighbors fence and made it to there back door. Then Luke ran into a problem he never thought about. The screen door was locked! Luke started and panicking and after just standing there hoping for the door to open he punched a hole in the screen door. He then spread the cut so he could fit through but doing it he cut this hand. When he was in the house he started look for the other child. Eventually he heard someone typing on the computer. when he looked into the room he saw a girl typing furiously on the computer. The girl quickly turns and tackles Luke and starts choking him. The girl told Luke she was rough and alarm system was turned on so the police were coming. Luke fought back but she was stronger, Luke squeezed out 2 words, population police, the girl let go. Luke and the girl, named Jennifer, but everyone calls her Jen, started talking and learned she was also an illegal 3rd child! Luke also learned that when he came in he set of the security and when Jen turned it off and called her dad so he didn't come home. When she finished talking on the phone Luke told Jen the government tracks people on the phone and the population police were going to come and get her. Jen laughed and told Luke that wasn't true cause her dad works for the government and knows that. Luke and Jen talked for a long time until luke had to go home. Before Luke left Jen realized the cut on Luke's arm and stuck her arm through the screen door so her dad would think the blood Luke drop on the carpet was Jens. This made Luke worried for she carelessly hurt herself and Luke wondered what she would be willing to do

What Happened Next InThe Book?

Luke keep making trips to Jens house and learned that she was talking to other thrid childs over the internet. Jen said she had contact to over 800 children! He also learned that the reason third child's are illegal is because in the past there was a massive brought there wasn't enough food to feed everyone. War broke and eventually a new government came to power. To prevent future food shortages the government banned third child's and pets. After a few more trips Jen found Luke trust worthy to know her master plan. Her plan was for all third child's to meet up at the government building and protest until they got there rights back. Luke didn't like the plan and thought it wouldn't have worked, but was too scared to tell Jen so he didn't say much about it and ignored the topic for the next few mouths. Luke got conferrable making the trips in the open to Jens and his heart rate didn't even increase anymore. Then, one time Jen told Luke that in a few days the protest would happen, and that she would steal her dads car so that Luke, some of her internet friends, and her could drive to the governments house and meet the other third child's there. Luke then knew that he had to tell her he thought it was a bad idea and wouldn't go, so he did. Jen got mad at Luke, told him to leave her house and that she has faith in her plan. A few days past and the night when Jen was suppose to pick Luke up came, Luke was in his bed still thinking how it would go, then Luke heard the door open and Jen came up the stairs into Luke's room. Jen was there to offer Luke one more chance to come with her. Luke answered no and wished Jen luck as she left. Jens last words were "We can hope."

How Did The Rally Go?

Luke spent all night cleaning the muddy tracks Jen left when she went into his house. The next day Luke was dying to know how the rally when so he made his Dad turn on the radio as they ate. Nothing came up on the radio so Luke go even more ankus. As soon as Luke's parents and brothers left look turn on his outside light and if Jen turned hers on it was safe to cross. Luke left his light on for 15 minutes with no response from Jen. Luke was still pancaking and decided to make the trip across even though it might not be safe! He made the trip across and set of the alarm again when crossing the house. He quickly ran to the alarm panel and turned it off the way Jen showed him. He then started looking through the house for Jen. He didn't find her so he started pancaking again and went on her computer into the chat room she used to talk to other 3rd child's and asked where is Jen. A few seconds later the door opened and Jens father walked in threating that he had a gun. Eventually he found Luke. Luke explained that he had was Jens friend and that they would meet up at her house whenever he could. Luke finally ask him what happened to Jen. Jens Dad told Luke that she was killed as long with everyone else at the rally. Luke kind of already knew that but didn't want to believe so he ended up running at Jen's Dad, Tackling him, and taking his Gun. Jen's Dad then told Luke that he was screwing up the population police as much as he could and he was against the government. Luke lowered the gun and Jens dad took it and put it down on the computer desk. He then told Luke that the population police were moderating the chat room. The next thing they heard was a knock on the door and man yell "population police open up!"

Did The Population Police Catch Luke?

Jens dad leads him to a closet and tells him to go to the back there's a trap door there. The population police mean while threaten to knock down the door. Jens dad tells them I'm coming and that a $10,000 door if you knock it down your paying for it. Eventually he lets them in they look through the house for a child but don't find anyone until, the closet door opens. They start grading cots and then they leave. Jens dad then goes into the closet covers Luke's mouth and shows him a note pad that says the house has been bugged, don't talk. Luke nods and he raises his hand. He tells Luke there was no trap door he just wanted Luke to go to the back of the closet and he birded the population police away with fur cots. Then he asks Luke if he wants a fake I.D., but if he accepts it he'll have to move away from his family and he'll be shipped off to boarding school with the name of a kid who died in skiing accident a day before the rally. After a bit of talking Luke excepts it. He has a few days before he has to go. Luke then returns home and tells his parents about how he meet Jen, about the rally, and that he had to leave because he excepted the fake I.D. offer. His moms first reaction was no, I cant let you go, but his dad agreed that Luke had to except it so he could live a normal life. Luke's mom eventually agreed and took the next few day off from work and spent all her time with Luke. A few days later the time came and Jen's dad came to pick up Luke. After long good-byes and some tears Luke got in the car and left, looking at the barn until he couldn't see it anymore then he look forward to what's ahead.

How Do I Think The Author Tried To Write The Book?

I think the authors idea when writing the book was, instead of waiting till the end of the book for one big idea, have a few big idea to keep the book interesting. In order to do this she had to have the whole first plot and the characters laid out in the first chapter which she did do. After that she could quickly conclude each big idea and start a new one very quickly. I personally think she did a very good job at a format I have never experienced before. I would be interested to continue reading this series and recommended this book to any one grade 6 and up of it isn't a hard read but has a great social justice issue. I would also like to read another book in this format. All and all a great book for anyone looking for some action and excitement in a novel!