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MOOCS- (Massive Open Online Courses)

In this era of E-learning, MOOCS are a blessing in disguise. I'm sure all of us often find ourselves amused with the way Pratibha and Anuradha make those beautiful videos or handle digital marketing. But why just stay amused when we can learn all of those skills? Because at the end of the day skills is what matters than the degree that you hold. So MOOCS are basically websites like edX, Udemy, Coursera where you can learn all the skills that you want from experts around the world.

Skills That The Job Market Demands

All of us at some point are going to go finding jobs and some may start up on their own. But its necessary to know what are the skills that the world demands right now, what will put you out there and above the others and what will help you go a long way in your desired career path.

Leadership Games

Something for you guys to bond up at team meets and make them more interesting. This will help you guys understand each other and will create a better work environment.

Digital Corner

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