Magnetic Mondays

Ideas for attracting a KICK ASS week!

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What you GET by achieving your goals is not as important as what you BECOME by achieving your goals! - Henry David Thoreau

Let's take a moment and think about what we want to feel, be, know come Wednesday June 1st. What I have seen over the last 11 months is INCREDIBLE personal and professional growth in this team. YOU have become a tribe of incredible leaders! SO much to be proud of!! And 1 more month to finish out our year....June 2016. We are ready for you!

PS: As we are all drawing some "squiggly lines" for these next 2 days don't ever forget that THIS is what SUCCESS looks like! I LOVE getting "squiggly" with YOU!!



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***What is this and why am I receiving it???

Think of this email message as a weekly sprinkling of inspiration from ME to YOU - the bold, joyful leaders (STAR +) of Team Charming! Would be delivered with a big fat hug and high 5 if I email will have to do for now!

Alison J Fuller

Platinum Director