GES FINAL Friday Wrap up 5/28

Let's celebrate the week gone, and be ready for what's next

In Partnership with You

The following information was included in a phone call that went out to families at 5:30 PM on Friday 5/28. This weekly wrap-up (e-mail, phone call & video) is a key way to receive important information about relevant announcements and upcoming events.

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A note from your Principal

GES Family,

Without getting too gushy in this final letter and Wrap-up I want to tell you thank you from the very bottom of my heart. At the beginning of every year, I acknowledge the trust given by you to send your children to our school. You send us the very best of you and expect that we give them our very best in return. Thank you for that trust. Thank you for your partnership, and thank you for your absolutely incredible, kind, good kids.

Speaking as the man that watched this year from my unique vantage point, I want to tell you that there isn't a teaching team anywhere that can compare to what this team did for and with your students this year. They see your whole child, they care for their hearts, and with your kids they innovate, create, question, teach, learn, listen, communicate, move, dance, laugh, and become a part of the fabric of each other's lives. Put simply, it's special. This school is special.

A special congratulations to our 5th graders. It has been our distinct pleasure to be a part of your lives. We will always be your school home. Don't hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can be supportive as you transition on to middle school. This entire staff backs you!

Thank you all for being a part of the Garfield family and community. We are very proud Grizzlies!

Enjoy this summer break! We'll see each other soon!


Your Principal- John Kleiber

The 2020-2021 School Year: Our Year in Pictures


GES summer work

Did you know that your school is undergoing some pretty big work this summer?

Our building is closed this summer as crews will be completing the bond projects.

Crews will be:

  • Installing new boilers
  • Replacing carpets
  • Library updates
  • Creation of an Innovation lab (where our computer lab used to be)
  • Abating asbestos
  • Updating signage and some restroom fixtures

We will be so very excited to walk back into the building on August 9th to see the needed and wonderful updates and changes.

Thank you for supporting the bond that made this possible for our school.

Having said that, the front office is currently closed. If you need any help or support you can reach Kris Newell and me via e-mail.

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