Mrs. G's MIDWEEK News

May 25, 2016

Homelink 9-9 Tonight!

Your child will be bringing some homework home tonight that is a bit complicated. They were introduced to lattice multiplication today. They all did a wonderful job in class, but I have a feeling when they get home they may stumble a little bit. This concept is not tested on, but I felt that they were ready to try it out. If your child is struggling with this particular assignment and would prefer to do the multiplication problems in a different way, instead of the lattice method I am ok with that! Just wanted to put it out there before I got several emails tonight! :)
Lattice multiplication | Multiplication and division | Arithmetic | Khan Academy

Mini-Society Prototype Form

Your child is bringing a purple form home tonight about our upcoming mini-society economy project. Your child will need to make a product or provide a service for an upcoming Market Day that third grade will be experiencing. I sent home the prototype form today because I have several students going on vacation for this long weekend and I wanted to be sure everyone knew what was needed for Tuesday when we get back. I have encouraged students to form a company or store independently but many still really had their hearts set on working with a friend. The company needs to think of a product or service that would sell to other fellow third graders and bring in one example, picture or explanation so it can be discussed on Tuesday. If supplies are needed to be purchased to make their product, they are required to do chores for you in order for you to help them with those supplies. If they are in partnerships or companies they need to collaborate with each other to see who is responsible for what. Please no games or food product items! I hope this clarifies and I really appreciate your assistance and involvement with this economy learning opportunity for your child!
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Science Fair Registration

Hornung is having a science day and fair on June 3rd. I am offering extra credit in science for any students who participate in creating a project. You can register and learn more about this event at