Fra Filippo Lippi


Fra Filippo Lippi's Life:

  1. Fra Filippo Lippi was born in Florence, Italy in the year of 1406.
  2. He spent most of he childhood living with his large, poor family. His parents died when he was at a young age. Once they died, he moved in with his aunt and she registered him into the monastery S. Maria del Carmine at age 15. There he became influenced by the art of the Renaissance.
  3. He started his career decorating the Brancacci Chapel with frescoes. Another friar gave him the opportunity to learn how to paint instead of studying. He was taught how to paint by Lorenzo Monaco
  4. describe his lifestyle
  5. Fra Filippo Lippi created many paintings that are famous today. Some of his famous paintings include "Madonna And Child 1460's," "Annunciation," and "Adoration of the Magic."
  6. Amazingly, he was patronized by the Medici family, the rulers of Italy at the time.
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"Adoration of the Magic"

  1. This piece of art was created in 1445. The specific date is not known.
  2. This piece has not been located since the time of the Renaissance. The last known information about the artwork states that it is in inventory inside the Medici Palace.
  3. A significant piece about this art is that it was painted by two different artists, Fra Filippo Lippi and Fra Angelico.
  4. I find this piece interesting because it was painted by two people. Even though it was I like how their styles were the same.
  5. I do not believe Fra Filippo Lippi nor his artwork fall under any -ism. Many of his paintings of very religious and he grew up in a monastery therefore they do not fall into the humanism or secularism category. In the picture they are all coming together to pray therefore they do not fall into capitalism because they are not playing every man for himself.