VCS 3rd Quarter Update

December 17, 2020

3rd Quarter Plans

Dear VCS Families:

As a charter school, VCS strives to make as many logistical decisions as possible that follow what Aurora Public Schools (APS) is doing. However, there are times when we may not align with APS, and must make decisions that are best for our VCS community. This is one of those times.

  • Based on recent COVID-19 trends, VCS will continue to utilize our remote teaching model for ALL grade levels at both VCS East and VCS West through February 5, 2021. (Our hope is that we can safely begin our hybrid teaching model on February 8th.)

  • On January 20th, we will issue our next update regarding the remainder of the 3rd quarter.

This decision is solely due to currently trending COVID-19 data as well as the continued COVID-19 safety concerns that we are all facing. As the data and research continue to unfold, we still do not feel comfortable asking students and staff to return to the VCS school buildings until early February.

We continue to monitor the current COVID-19 trends in our tri-county area (Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas), which has helped guide us in this decision. Most concerning is that the spread of COVID-19 in the Denver metro area has risen from approximately 3% test-positivity in early October to over 10% positivity by late October. Test positivity has remained at or above 10% over the past 6 weeks. Our most current data in Arapahoe County indicates 11% test-positivity, which is more than twice the level to place us in the 5% “Red Zone.” We have also learned that it is estimated that 1 out of every 41 persons in Colorado right now is a potential asymptomatic or symptomatic spreader of the COVID-19 virus.

Many schools across our state and nation that have chosen the in-person or hybrid learning model have already had to close due to the COVID-19 viral spread, which has even forced some entire school districts to close early for winter break. Regardless, the back and forth “pivoting” between the school building and home is very hard on students, teachers and families as it greatly disrupts the flow of learning.

We know that this decision is a difficult and inconvenient “no-win” situation for many in our community. For that, we are truly sorry. For most, the current remote schedule is more comfortable now, and things have become more routine. We will also be taking steps to incorporate feedback regarding additional remote learning enhancements that we have received from the VCS community. The good news we hear from our teachers is that VCS students are doing an incredible job with remote learning. As long as our VCS students stay engaged and continue working diligently in their classes, they continue to grow.

Our VCS 3rd quarter begins on January 11th and is 9 weeks long. We are hopeful that wise choices by our fellow Coloradoans over the holiday break will allow us to pivot from remote to hybrid (in-person) learning for the last 5 weeks of the 3rd quarter, as well as the entire 4th quarter. Also, regardless of when we return to hybrid (in-person) learning during the 2020-21 school year, you may still choose remote instruction through the end of the school year. If this is still your choice, or if you have changed your mind, please contact the VCS East or West office or send an email to

We continue to be grateful that you have chosen VCS for your children. Their continued safety, as well as the safety of our staff, must always be our number one priority.


Jay Cerny, VCS Executive Director

Danielle Tomwing, VCS Board of Directors President

Emily Van Luit, VCS East Principal

Keria McCafferty, VCS West Principal

Dennis Steele, VCS Business & Operations Manager

EAST Campus 3rd Quarter Student Materials Pick Up Day

Friday, Jan. 8th 2021 at 8am-4pm

VCS East

WEST Campus 3rd Quarter Student Materials Pick Up Day

Friday, Jan. 8th 2021 at 10am-6pm

VCS West

It's a Celebration!

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We are excited to share with you, our VCS community, that on Tuesday, 12/15, the APS Board voted unanimously to approve our 5 YEAR CHARTER RENEWAL!