Long Island

In Long Island, New York, we have many exciting events and traditions. There are many shopping centers to visit and enjoy, full of lifetime opportunities! Let's Explore!

Tips on how to fit into our Long Island community

1. Wear the same clothing

As a newcomer, you should choose the best outfits and make sure you fit in. Instead of standing out with traditional clothing. There are many shopping centers to come and explore new styles. Let's learn the style of clothing, us Americans typically wear! This is a good way to fit in at school!

2. Learn the Language

You may have been used to growing up with your own language however, in Long Island we speak English; this is the main language we use in America. The English language is our main source of communication. I am sure you would like to communicate with Americans and make new friends, as well as meet new people. This is also good way to fit in at school!

3. Start a Conversation

To make new friends here in Long Island, you should learn about good conversation starters. Asking questions may get people into a conversation, as they may ask you something back! This is a good way to make friends, and learn about new people!

4. Adapting to the "likes"

You may not be familiar with the sports Americans consider entertainment. Here in America, over time, we are prone to enjoy sports, and watch it on Television all the time! Be sure to ask others "What sports are popular?" and "What teams do you support?" As you hear their opinions, you can eventually grow your enjoyment of sports as well! You will be able to fit in, like what other people like, and have more things in common! This can lead to more conversation starters.

5. Hottest Groups and Songs

Typical Long Islanders love music! Be sure to ask questions such as, "What is your favorite band?" or "What is your favorite song?" Listen to their suggestions and possibly you will like the songs as well. This will help you fit in and like what other people like! This can also lead to good conversation starters.

6. Local Stores and Restaurant Ratings

A very well-known restaurant here in Long Island is known as Nathan's Famous. It is located in Brooklyn. It's known as a great New York cultural destination. Filled with history, characters, and plenty of entertainment for the entire family! Nathan's Famous is a very well known restaurant, known for its casual Long Island food! Other destinations may have different meanings with their restaurants. Here in New York, you can fall into the lack of liking our traditional food easily! Soon enough, you will have different opinions from other people which can be a good way to make more friends, and have more great conversation starters!

7. Websites-

8. Transportation-

Finding transportation might be hard to find every so often. Consider transportation vehicles such as, taxis, trains, or even bike riding. Sometimes, carpooling with friends, or neighbors may be convenient and save money, and also reduce less air pollution.

Silver Bullet

Example of transportation

Wonderful Events and Places

The Library

The Library is the most spectacle places in the city! It is filled with colorful books each sharing a different story. The library is one of the most visited places, especially here in Long Island!

Shopping Centers

Our local shopping centers are filled with new people to meet, and new experiences! Our shopping centers have the latest clothing and accessories!

Memorial Day BBQ

Every Memorial Day, the state gathers for fun events like BBQ's and hand out free American Flags showing the respect we give to our country. These gathers are meant to show how much we love our country. There are so many new people to meet, and places to visit!

NYC New Years Eve

Every New Years, visitors throughout New York can feel the city's excitement for a new year! New York, has a massive structure fall to the ground with an explosion of confetti for everyone to enjoy! New York sure knows how to start a great new year for everyone!

Tips for acting etiquette

Table manners

  • Elbows off the table
  • Say please and thank you
  • Don't reach across the table
  • Put your napkin on your lap
  • Chew with your mouth closed
  • Sit up tall
  • Bring the food to your mouth, not your mouth to your food
  • Use your indoor voice
  • Don't complain about the food
  • Take "just right" bites
  • Never talk while chewing
  • Never interrupt another conversation
  • Take up your dishes when finished eating

Community help

Clean your local beaches

Unfortunately, what we see dirtying beaches and floating on the ocean's surface is just the tip of the iceberg. Much more lies unseen beneath the surface and far away on the open water. You can make a difference to our planet by helping your local beach.

Help the elderly's

There are lots of ways you can do your bit to help lonely or socially isolated elderly people in your community. The person you are helping will reap health benefits, and you'll find your benefit as well.

Introducing our National Anthem! The song is known as "The Star Spangled Banner." It was made during the war of 1812, by Francis Scott Key, but was originally written in 1814.

Recent TV shows/channels

People to Avoid

Mustard Women

- Hollis Woods -

I hope this taught you how to fit into the new world! Be sure to express yourself in every possible way, and hope the best out of it!
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