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Brown Summit PLC January 2016 Newsletter


Do you know the role of your PLEF or as GCS now calls us PLC? Personalized Learning Coordinators are in each GCS middle school to help teachers move students to their highest potential. We assist with personalized learning which is a buzz word that does not just involve using tablets. So no, I am not JUST the tablet lady! I want to share with you what I can offer you.

Great Teaching and Learning Spotlight

When you see me popping in and out of classrooms as I get to know teachers in the building, I will take notes on how I am seeing personalized learning in your classrooms so you can see that it's not just about the tablets! I will start sharing what I see here in the next newsletter. If you have something that you think I should share please email it to me!

About your new PLEF

I am so excited to join the GCS Instructional Technology and Innovation Department and work with your school! I have been a middle school math teacher with GCS for 8 1/2 years but also have my Masters in Instructional Technology. I look forward to collaborating with each of you soon! Please contact me any time so I can help you or see your great ideas in action!