Kepler 62f

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Kepler 62f is a planet in the goldilocks zone. It is unknown how many moons or rings there are, but t is highly possible it is kind of like Earth. It was discovered in April of 2013. It is one of the smallest planets to be discovered in the habitable zone so far. It is highly possible Kepler 62f is a rocky world like Earth and that there can be a chance that there can be life on it.

Kepler 62f vs Earth



Mass:______________________5.9722 x10^24 kg______________________2.0902 x10^25________

Acceleration Due

To Gravity (g):______________________9.8 m/s/s__________________________23.52m/s/s_______

Average Distance

from the Sun:__________________150,000,000Km______________________108million km_______


Temperature:____________185/331 (min/max) K_______________________unknown_______

Length of a Day:________________________24 hr._____________________unable to find_______

Length of a Year:_________1 year (365.25 Days)____________________267 days_______

Number of Moons:__________________________1__________________________________unknown________

Number of Rings:_________________________None_____________________________unknown_______

How old would a 15 year

old person be if you lived on:________15 years__________________15.056 yrs______

How much would a 107lbs

person weigh if you lived on:___48.67kg________________116.73kg______

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Problems with Living on this Planet

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If your spaceship can travel at 0.1C, how long will it take to travel to your planet? How old will you be when you arrive?

It would take 12,000 years to get to Kepler 62f. This means that I will be 12,015 when I arrive. This could be a very large problem in order to get to the planet..... but if we can find a way to get there A LOT faster we should be ok!