By Jack Cheng

What are marshmallows?

Marshmallows are edible pillows. You're supposed to sleep on them. Clearly people didn't get the message and start eating the sugary fluffs.

Every day, marshmallows face abuse by drowning in hot chocolate, being roasted over fires, impaled on pointy sticks, and crushed by graham crackers. Wait, I don't think marshmallows have souls.

(Except for Kirby, maybe)

Oh well, I didn't think anyone actually had the nerve to eat a pillow.


Here are the types of marshmallows.

How to Make Smores

This is how to correctly make a smore, written by a professional smore maker.

Just kidding, there's no such thing as a professional smore maker.

Though I wish there was.

I'm just gonna go cry in this corner now.

STEP 1 : Get marshmallows, chocolate, and a graham cracker.

STEP 2 : Throw them away. You don't need them.

STEP 3 : I lied. You definitely need them.

STEP 4 : Too late, the garbage truck came.

STEP 5 : What a waste of food.

STEP 6 : Try eating spaghetti instead.

STEP 7 : You're out of spaghetti.

STEP 8 : Question why you're spending so much time making instructions on how to make smores.

STEP 9 : Lose sanity.

STEP 10 : Repeat process.

Here's the history of marshmallows.

The History of Marshmallows


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