cival right leaders SBA and chavez

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On Women's Rights to Vote - Susan B. Anthony - 1873 - Hear the Text

Susan B. Anthony.

Susan B. Anthony was born in Adams Massituests on 1820.She grew up in a quacker home where she thought that everyone is equal.Susan B.Anthony was frustrated because women out side her home were not being treated equaly and she decided to do something about it.Later she created an society named Women's suffrage with her freind of Elezibeth catty.Together they formed protests asking for womens right to vote.30 years after her death they gave women the right to vote in the 19teenth admetment.
The Life of Cesar Chavez.

Cesar chavez

Cesar Chavez was born in Yuma Arizona 1927.Once he was 18 he saw how unfairly latino farmers were getting treated because they dident have papers.He formed a group named NFWA to help latino farmers.Latino farmers had to work starting at 5 AM and stopped working at 8 PM.The lanes of grapes were really long and per lane they got 25 cents.Also they had no bathrooms or a safe place to sleep.Every two weeks or so airplanes hovered over farms throwing chemicals that made bugs not eat the grapes the farmers had to breath theese chemicals in causing them to get very very sick and causing new born babys to come out deformed.Cesar Chavez did not think this was fair so he told people not to eat anymore grapes so that the companys would stop making as much money.He also made protests he marched 300 miles to get attention and so people can realize whats happening.Even after his first victory he kept on fighting for rights he made a protest that he wouldent eat untill they gave latino farmers equal rights and said "if i die its your fault."Finally they gave latino farmers equal rights.5 years later after he dident eat he died in April 23,1993 as a hero to latino farmers.

Susan B.anthony and cesar chavez

Susan b.anthony was born in Massatusats she is a women that wanted to change how women were being treated.cesar chavez was born in Yuma,Arizona in 1927 once he was about 18 he realizd how unfairly latino farmers were being treated and decided to do something about it.Susan B. Anthony wanted to let women vote and let them be treated just like men so she decided to vote but she got arrested because women cannot vote so she used the decleration of independence to support herself.cesar chavez decided to vote and help latino farmers so he made protests marches and made a group named (NFWA) he told people not to buy grapes because if you dont buy them the companys will not make as much as money so people stopped buying grapes.Susan B. Anthony was reading the decleration of independence when the judge stopped her to say angerly i dont care you are gulity as he smashed the hammer on the desk as he made the mistake to say "do you have any last words?" Susan B. anthony said yes i do she said a speech that the judge couldent argu with Susan B. Anthony.Cesar Chavez cept fighting even after his first victory he decided to go on a strike that made him not eat until they treated the latino farmers fair rights.Susan B. anthony died in March 13,1903 as a hero to women.cesar chavez died in April 23,1993 5 years after his food strike.I think they both helped us in a lot of ways and should both be aprechated as much because they were both really important to everyone latino farmers and women.