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May 2017 Edition

The Prez Says "Relax"

Happy Summertime! This time of year marks the end of the school year for most HPE professionals in the PreK-12 school and higher-ed systems. It is a great time to reflect upon the past many months working with our students. It is also a wonderful time to change gears and rejuvenate ourselves for the next school year which, dare I say, is just a few months away. One of my favorite ways to clear my mind and rejuvenate is spending time on the Katy Trail. I recently biked 50 miles for my 50th birthday, spending some quality time with my wife and kids. Being physically active is a must for me to keep my mind and body in balance.

Another way that I have helped myself rejuvenate my passion for teaching is by spending time during the summer months growing my knowledge of health and physical education content, new activities, and technology. I enjoy reading SHAPE America's JOPERD and Strategies periodicals, web-surfing, reading books, and attending workshops. I would encourage everyone to make some time to read and increase your understanding of of the following hot topics in our profession:

  • Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model - Learn about ways which schools can work collaboratively to develop the whole child through supporting their health and wellness. Click here to learn more.
  • Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program - Learn about ways which schools can share the responsibility of increasing levels of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in our youth. Click here to learn more.
  • Skills-based Health Education - Learn about a different approach to teaching health education through health skills versus health content. Learn more on the SHAPE America website (click here for direct link).

Below are some of my recommended resources for personal reading and/or professional growth:

  • St. Louis or Kansas City Summer HPE Workshop - Click here to learn more about the awesome HPE professionals presenting their wisdom on July 11th and July 12th. We have another all-star lineup of presenters from Wisconsin and Virginia.
  • Worthwhile Websites - There is a wealth of HPE professional publications and webinars on the SHAPE America website (www.shapeamerica.org).
  • Good Book - No Sweat by Michelle Segar speaks to the importance of finding ways to be intrinsically motivated to be physically active.

Finally, I want to thank the schools who participated in the Missouri 1 Million Strong Challenge during the first week of May (National Physical Fitness and Sport Week). The winner of the $100 Gopher gift certificate was Boone Trail Elementary (Wentzville School District). The MOAHPERD Executive Committee will be meeting this summer to discuss a logic model for the future of this state-wide initiative. I look forward to sharing our discussions and decisions with you in the next HPE-Connect. Search for #MO1MillionStrong on Twitter and check out the school postings.

Have a great summer and don't forget to join us at the HPE Summer Workshops in July and the 2017 MOAHPERD Convention in November.

Let's G-R-O-W together!

Ron Ramspott

State Convention

Friday, Nov. 10th, 8am to Sunday, Nov. 12th, 10am

The Lodge of Four Seasons

List of Special Guests & Presenters:

  • Andy Horne (National Health TOY)
  • Andy Milne (National Health TOY)
  • Mike Doyle (National Adapted PE TOY)
  • Scott Williams (National Dance TOY)
  • Carly Wright (SHAPE America)
  • Jim Deline (US Games Keynote Presenter)

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Rappin' Andy Horne Presents at MOAHPERD Convention

My Name Is
Give back to your profession and present a session.

Deadline is June 9th to submit a presentation for the 2017 state convention.

MOAHPERD Leadership Update

Missouri HPE Professionals Participate in Speak Out Day in Washington D.C.

Several members of the MOAHPERD Executive Committee attended the annual Speak Out Day in Washington D.C. in late April. Tom Loughrey, Tari Garner, Ron Ramspott, and Dennis Docheff spent an entire day talking to state representatives and advocating for the full financial support of Title II and IV of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). In addition, we had an opportunity to share with our state representatives the importance of supporting the development of the whole child through quality physical education and physical activity programs. As HPE professionals we need to continue to spread the word about the importance of healthy, active youth (and adults) to their overall growth and development. SHAPE America has awesome resources for you to tap into to help educate your school community about ESSA.