Weekly News

January 20-23

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I am so proud of all the students. They did exceptionally well on Rational Numbers. They have worked hard to incorporate math terminology in explanations and have improved in demonstrating their mathematical reasoning. Well done! Tests were returned last Friday.

This week we jump into Expressions and Equations.

  • Relationship of multiplication and division
  • Relationship of multiplication and addition
  • Relationship of multiplication and subtraction
  • Exponents

Journey Narratives

Students completed their journey narrative essays. This week, they will revise for careful word choice, detailed imagery, and transition variety. Peers will edit and I will check first drafts and offer comments for revisions. Students will then apply changes and submit a final draft by Monday.

Bud, Not Buddy

What are “rules to live by”? How do people formulate and use “rules” to improve their lives? How do people communicate these “rules” to others? In this module, students consider these questions as they read the novel Bud, Not Buddy, Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement address at Stanford University, President Barack Obama’s Back-to-School Speech, “If” by Rudyard Kipling, and informational research texts.

At the start of Unit 1, students launch their study of Bud, Not Buddy, establishing a set of routines for thinking, writing, and talking about Bud’s rules to live by. They read the novel closely for its figurative language and word choice, analyzing how these affect the tone and meaning of the text.

Students will be assigned daily reading and typed response via Edmodo or Google Drive.


NAS, NAT (born)

NEURO (nerve)

NOM (name)


Each week your child will closely read and respond to a fictional essay and then complete comprehension questions and respond with a short essay. This week's story is titled, Visiting the Garden by Brian Clarke.

Argumentative Writing

We continue with our study on argumentative writing.

Last week, students completed an argumentative essay on school uniforms.

This will serve as a baseline essay.

This week we pick apart the components of an argumentative essay. Students may refer to the example on Edmodo as a resource. They will take one topic through the writing process this week. They may select their topic from three choices offered.

Students will work on these essays throughout the week.

Homework assignments will accompany this series of tasks. Please encourage your child to stay on target with due dates.

Report Cards

First semester report cards come home on Friday.

Have a great week! :) ~ Mrs. Jones