Geoboard App

Grades K-6

Who created this app?

The Math Learning Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to K-12 math education since 1976, created the app Geoboard. Clarity Innovations specifically created Geoboard.

What math concepts are included?

  • Line segments
  • Polygons
  • Area/Perimeter
  • Angles
  • Congruence
  • Fractions
  • Concept of symmetry
  • Clock works
  • Percentages on a pie chart
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What grade level is this app appropriate for?

This app can be used for Kindergarten through Sixth grade. Depending on how complex you make it, different topics can be addressed that are available for all ages. The set up of this app is easy enough for kindergarteners to maneuver, but the complexity of the different topics can serve as a tool for middle school students.

What are the pros and cons of the app?

  • User friendly
  • Variety of math topics
  • Downloaded on multiple devices


  • No built in learning content
  • Not all content gets covered

What DOK levels are addressed?

· DOK 1: Use appropriate tools, measure, follow a set procedure, preform a clearly defined series of steps

· DOK 2: Apply basic skill/concept, make observations, two or more steps, demonstrate conceptual knowledge through models and explanations

· DOK 3: Freedom to make choices, explain your thinking, conjecture, plan, abstract, draw conclusions from observations

What higher level questions could be included in a classroom setting?

  • I have an area of 12 how many shapes can you find with that same perimeter?
  • Build a shape with an area of 12 and find other shapes with that area but different perimeter.
  • What happens if I add 3 feet on the length? What happens to the area and perimeter?

What makes this app special?

It makes the traditional Geoboard’s come to life for students. It is fun for students because there are 8 different colors of bands to make different shapes with. A virtual geoboard allows for different shapes and sizes of each board. On the app you can choose the size and shape of the geoboard