Survival With Water

Finding & Filtering

Water is essential for life. Without it humans or any other living thing couldn't survive. In fact, you would last about one week without any and then death would be inevitable. Our bodies are about 60% water. Each day we lose water and we must replace it. Surving in the wild can be tough but water is the most important thing you need.

Where should I search for water?

  • low area places where water naturally drains; valleys, ditches
  • rock crevices
  • damp or muddy ground
  • look for animal tracks, animals need water too
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How to Purify Water

Supplies; 2 containers, knife, bark from birch tree (or any other similar bark), charcoal, grass, sand, small vine

  • Use a knife, or any other sharp object you can find, and cut into the bark of the tree. Slice back and forth several times. Make another cut 14 inches below the first cut.
  • Peel the bark off in one piece.
  • Roll bark up into a cone shape so it should be tightly wound up on the bottom but open on the top.
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  • Leave a hole about the size of a penny on the bottom. Tie the vine around the cone to keep it together.
  • Place small stones on the bottom. Fill cone with alternating layers of grass, sand, and charcoal.
  • Place one of the containers under the filter and pour water from the top of the cone.

Don't loose hope if you can't find anything to hydrate with. Stay calm and use your brain. It's a good idea to keep water with you at all times anyway but sometimes life is unpredictable. Use what you've learned. Finding and purifying water could be the difference between life and death!
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