Level 4 expo

Design, Creativity and Tecnology

Level 4 Design Expo

This Thursday, Level 4 is having a Design Expo. To show all the work we have done this term. You will see amazing work and the step and challenges we had. Hope to see you there!

D.C.T. Expo

Thursday, Dec. 6th 2012 at 6-7pm

29 Livingstone Rd

Vermont South, VIC

Your Invited to the Level 4 Design Expo this Thursday. It will be a very memorable event. Our amazing work awaits you!

My Client

My client is my 19 year old sister, Christina Wu. She is a Fine Art student at Monash University. Christina needs to carry many folios, delicate work and materials to class. lately, she has found she is carrying 3 or more bags at a time. The size of her bags have become a problem on public transport, especially during peak hours. The weight of the bags have also taken a toll on her injured hip and right foot. To solve Christina's problem, i made a bag, big enough to put most of her things in, including her purse, iPad and phone.