Please Stop Laughing At Me

Auto-biography by Jodee Blanco

Main points of Jodee's auto biography

Everyone wants to fit in and no one want to be put down and bullied. In Jodee's case, she was the one being laughed at and tormented. In Jodee's elementary school years, things were great until fifth grade when she started volunteering with the special needs students at Holy Ascension Catholic School. Marianne, was one of the special needs classmates that Jodee got very close with. Other student didn't like this because they thought she was weird for hanging out with mentally disabled children. Jodee went to a new middle school the next year and she made new friends. She was Callie and Debbie's friend until she went to Callie's party and made a mistake. That was when the name calling and harassing began. Jodee couldn't take the harassment any longer so she transferred to a new school district. Her parents felt that she was depressed so they took her to see Dr.Graff a well known psychiatrist. Jodee's transferred to Northwest Junior High, she moved to a new house, and was in a new environment with new people and new friends. Emily, Jim, Sam, Rickie, Robbie, Greg, Jason, Kim, Reese, Paul, and Jodee were together everyday of the summer. Then Jodee stood up for what was right and it started to happen again. All her friends began to bully her again verbally, emotionally and physically. Not long after, many people in the school joined in on the harassment. Being depressed was normal for Jodee since she didn't have any friends and went to a school of people who didn't understand her. Her father saw the depression and thought it would be a good idea to take a vacation to Greece. Jodee met Niko, Yorgos, and Vangelle; her new friends made her feel like she had purpose living. Jodee told Niko all about her life and he listened and still loved her for who she was. Niko and Jodee stayed in touch after her vacation but, after her trip, she realized how little what other people think of her matters. This gave Jodee the confidence to finish school and have a very successful life.

Character description

Jodee is the victim of bullying and she just wants to fit in but, she also doesn't want to sacrifice the morals that makes up her personality. She doesn't want to hurt other people just to fit in because she has been in the shoes of the person being hurt. Jodee is intellegent and believes that helping people is the right thing to do no matter the social consequences. She wants to take the pain so no one else has to suffer. Also, she thinks of other people before self.

Man Vs. Society

I believe Please Stop Laughing At Me is man Vs. society because Jodee is being bullied by all her classmates. She gets bullied so much she begins to believe the liues the people are saying about her. To support this, Jodee said "“What a desperate, pathetic fool I was. Time after time, my "friends" had shown me their true colors. Yet, I still wanted to believe they were sorry for causing me pain.” 128, Blanco


I think a possible theme is Think before you act. In the story, Jodee says "The bullies never remember, but the outcasts never forget" (p. 163). If people knew what it felt like to be harrased then they would probably think twice before bullying.

4 Stars

The book was good and had lots of twists but, this was actually somebody's life. Jodee's words inspired many people to help instead of cause pain. I personally wouldn't have read it on my own because it is a very sad book and that's not my thing.
CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley - Anti-bullying activist pulls from personal experiences


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