Cougar Connection

Issue 20 Volume 2

Last week of the grading cycle!

Time to wrap up the six weeks. Grades should be up to date, projects turned in, and assessments graded! 3rd - 5th grade teachers are sending assessment information to the parents so they can see where their child is at. Kinder-2nd grade teachers will be send home the ISIP information that informs parents of their child's reading level. This will give them more information of the areas they need support in. Remember data is great for us to make next steps but informing parents is even more powerful. Keep up the great job!


Friday collaborations have been in place for six weeks. In these six weeks we have seen growth in the collaboration between colleagues, evidence of effective classroom instruction, and growth in knowing your standards. Keep your focus and stay the course!

This week... Data Talks!

3rd-5th We will be discussing your data on upcoming tests. Please make sure you upload your information on All in Learning. I will be asking you to fill out the data sheets on your low objectives. For reading I'd like you to refer to the information you created on frequency of standards tested you did in January.

K-2 we will be reviewing your data for 6/7 weeks tests, please ensure your data is uploaded on AIL.

For all grade levels, please update your demographics on AIL. We need to ensure we are progressing with our sub populations.

Great Things Happening at Moseley -> Kinder, 2nd, and 5th grade!

Week at a Glance

Week of February 16th


Staff/Student Holiday


8:00 -Speech ARD

8:45- ARD-Mr. Sifuentes

10:15-ARD- 3D

10:15- 4th grade ECP-4th grade portable Ms. Kern

11:30- ARD Matallana

1:15 - 2nd grade ECP**** Conference Room

3:30 - Speech ARD

02/17-Wednesday (African American Luncheon!... Remember to bring your dishes!)

9:15- 3rd grade ECP **Conference Room

1:15- 1st grade ECP*** Conference Room

5:30- 3rd & 5th grade STAAR Night


7:45- 5th grade ECP- Planning

1:30 CIC Meeting-

3:20- TELPAS training/Planning time/Specials meeting to continue with chapter study

02/19-Friday- Lesson Plan Collaboration Time


4:00- 6:00 Friday Night Lights (3rd-5th grade students)

2/20 Saturday School

STAAR Night for 4th grade!

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 5:30pm

10400 Rylie Road

Dallas, TX

Parents will be invited to go over STAAR information!


As decided by the Board of Trustees, 20 minute recess is now part of policy.

Things to remember:

1) 20 minutes of recess is not the part of the 30 minute lunch time

2) Go Noodle can be used as brain breaks in the classroom

3) Recess cannot be taken away as a consequence

As a campus, teachers will pick up their students on time from lunch and extended their play time outside for 10 minutes. The other minutes will be in the classroom giving them brain breaks with Go Noodle as decided by each teacher. In case of rain or inclement weather use Go Noodle in the classroom for the extra 10 minutes. Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarifications.


1) As you know we have new copiers! Great news!! Please be gentle with the machine! You only have access to one machine and if that one breaks down it will be awhile for it to be repaired. If you have not been trained please ask Ms. Garret or Ms. Baez to train them.

2) Please be on the lookout for our restrooms... as you take your students be sure you check before and after they use the restrooms. We have over 800 students and when we are down one restroom it affects us all! Help keep our school clean!! All 3rd-5th grade students should not be going to the restroom during specials as teachers should take them before... please help!!!

3) Lastly, please keep in mind when you are in the office we have parents on the phone or other stakeholders. Look out for the noise level. Ms. Juarez keeps her desk nice and organized. Please respect her space as it is not community property. She does a great job in handling all of our needs, so please be respectful of her space as well!