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I've had a busy week at TCEA and am ready to be back serving your campuses in person! I presented a few times (with Liz Lund & Tony Fontana of Lewisville HS Harmon - high five them when you see them in the halls) about the paperless classroom and Twitter. If you're on Twitter, check out #HashtagEDU to see what we were up to! I also attended some excellent instructional technology sessions full of great ideas I can't wait to pass along to y'all! Next week the Instructional Tech Connection will resume its weekly topics of interest. For this week though, let's get some appointments on your calendars, so we can work together!

Where's Joanna?

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Let's work together! (February 8th-12th)

  • Monday, 2/8: Hebron HS 9 in afternoon
  • Tuesday, 2/9: Hebron HS
  • Wednesday, 2/10: Lewisville HS Harmon
  • Thursday, 2/11: Hebron HS 9 in morning/DJCC in afternoon
  • Friday, 2/12: Flexible by appointment in morning

For days I am on your specific campus, email me or tweet me @DigitalCrawford to set up a time we can work together. Include your campus, room number, and preferred time.

The next Spring Technology Workshop opportunity is 2/13! New course options & plenty of dates listed below!