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We have been told by many EDUCATORS ACROSS THE NATION that this course, EDUX 9972, is a GIFT!

There is no better feeling than summer vacation, but we all know that your work doesn't end on this day! If you have big plans to develop new curriculum, meet your professional development goals, or learning new skills to align to your district's standards - This graduate-level course is for you! Find out why THOUSANDS of educators from across the nation are taking this popular Instructional Design course!


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Dominican University of California's Summer Curriculum Course EDUX 9972

Innovative Professional Learning is the solution for teachers who spend endless hours in the summer preparing for the upcoming school year.

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Registration closes JUNE 30, 2018 and EXIT Interviews begin August 1, 2018

PSST...Do your colleagues know you are taking this course?

I apologize if we have not reached all your colleagues. News of this class travels fast, but not fast enough. Please help me by forwarding this flyer to your fellow teachers. If any educator needs graduate semester credits and has work to complete, this is the course for them! Please let them know about this course, a sincere gift to value their time and talents.

Barb Tigges

Minnesota Professional Development Coordinator