Hatred And Bigotry

Hatred And Bigotry is a main theme in Diary Of Anne Frank.

Bert Bochove & Anne Frank

In the story, Diary Of Anne Frank, there is way too much hatred and bigotry to go around. The hatred and bigotry is coming from the German Nazis towards the Jews. About 6 million Jews were pronounced dead because of this Hatred and Bigotry.

Hatred and Bigotryf

  • What we as individuals and groups of people can do to overcome prejudice is to stop judging others, treat others the way you want to be treated, and learn that it's okay to be different from everyone else.
  • Anne's understanding of "goodness" was different from everyone, including her family and her love interest, Peter van Daan. Despite all of the hatred that was spreading, she still thought everyone was nice and caring . Even though her own kind was being murdered by the Germans, it didn't affect or change her like it did with the others.
  • As Anne considers the good and evil,the conclusions she expresses change towards the end of the story. She finally sees and understands that not everyone is what she thought they were.
  • Anne's conception of goodness and evil is the same to her. She doesn't see a difference, because to her everyone is a good person even though there are people that are killing and being killed. There's no difference to Anne. Towards the end of the book she says "In spite of everything, I still belive that people are really good at heart."
  • Mr.Bochove didn't counter any hatred or bigotry because he had no hatred towards the Jewish people in his country; because of this, he also did not commit bigotry against the Jewish people.
  • The reason this theme is relevant to me and the young people today is because we still deal and suffer with the hatred and bigotry. Anne would agree because in the book she says "We're not the only people that've had to suffer. There've always been people that've suffer to."

Bert Bochove

  • He was a Dutch business man.
  • He was a married,and had two daughters.
  • He hid 37 Jews in his home during the Holocaust.
  • We remember him because of the bravery he showed by saving the Jews when all of his fellow Germans showed so much hatred towards the Jews.
  • He didn't embody the theme that I chose because,he didn't hate Jews or kill them,instead he saved each and every single one he could.

How can I relate?

  • This is relevant to my life because, still to this day, we all still suffer from prejudice in different ways around the world. Everyday people are judging me based on my appearance, and my interests. Discrimination has no boundaries. You can be judged by anyone in any place, school, work, or even church.
  • We remember people like "Bert Bochove" because he chose to do different, and not go along with the hatred and bigotry as others did.
  • Current event- The riots going on in Baltimore today, are caused by excessive police brutality and hatred.