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April 2022



Ashgrove Vision Statement: Ashgrove Elementary ensures all students learn at high levels by focusing on collaboration in teaching and developing positive relationships with students.

Noteworthy Dates

  • April 4: School Resumes
  • April 12: PAC Meeting at 5:00 pm
  • April 15: Early Release at 12:35
  • April 25-May 13: WY-TOPP and FastBridge end-of-year assessments
  • May 19: Field Day - morning final times will be sent out
  • May 27: End of 4th Quarter, early release at 12:35

☔🌼 How can it be April already? ☔🌼

The school year continues to fly by and I truly can't say where the time went! We are still working hard here at Ashgrove and there is so much more to learn and do!

At the end of April we will begin giving WY-TOPP, the state assessment; FastBridge, our building screening assessments; and classroom assessments. To help your students do their best, please remember to help them get plenty of rest and be to school on time.

The data from these assessments allow us to analyze student growth, give next year’s teachers information about their incoming students, and evaluate our instructional programs’ effectiveness. In the spring, Wy-TOPP includes the use of interim assessments for grades 1-2 and summative assessments for grade 3 in Language Arts and Math. As a district, we feel that this assessment can give us the data mentioned above to help us improve the quality of education we provide in Fremont County SD #25. The spring WY-TOPP and FastBridge assessments are not used for any student grading. Students may encounter assessment items that are not familiar to them and that is OK...again the results are used as feedback at the classroom, building, and district level. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 856-2626.

Mrs. Hernandez

Upcoming PAC Fundraisers

  1. PAC has set up a Pizza Hut Fundraiser night for Ashgrove on April 28th. Ashgrove PAC will get 20% of the proceeds of meals when the parents use the Ashgrove PAC coupon. We will be sending these out as the date approaches.
  2. PAC, with the help of Mrs. Judd, Mrs. Moor, and Mrs. Oeser-Gray, will be doing the Silver Graphics Art fundraiser as well. We will be getting order forms towards the end of April and products will be shipped to families homes. For those new to this fundraiser, families have the opportunity to order products with the student's artwork on them. This is where we purchased our tiles in the hallway - we are hoping to order more tiles to finish the hall!

We welcome ALL parents to join us at our Monthly PAC meeting! PAC helps us by supporting our PBIS incentives and they are saving to help us continue adding pieces to our playground.

Title 1 Parent Training Videos - Math Games!

Mrs. Oeser-Gray has been working hard on our Parent Videos and has posted some Math Games on Facebook and on our school web page. She will post future videos to these two pages as well- the nice part is you can watch it when it is convenient for you! If you have questions or suggestions for future topics please reach out to Mrs. Oeser-Gray, she would LOVE to hear your input!

Ashgrove Elementary School

Principal - NeCole Hernandez

Secretary - Jo Shepardson

Ashgrove Stallion Standards

I am safe.

I am respectful.

I am responsible.

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