By: Nazeviah Burris


There was a man by the name of Tang who was the founder of Shang. What if u where floating across a ocean and saw the founder of Shang what would u say to him? They live in a large town called Shanxxi province located in china. Here's a little bit of history about Shang. ENJOY!!!

shangs religon

  • The shang worshiped one GOD his name was Shang Ti.
  • The shang people believed that if there dead ancestors were happy then good things would happen.
  • They were religion was the polytheistic religion.
  • They made many sacrifices as well they sacrificed animals, food, drink, and jewelry.
  • They even had ceremonies to worship their GOD Shang Ti.
  • Their polytheistic religion was started by their first ruler Tang in 1600 B.C.E to 1646 B.C.E.


Here's a picture of Tang he was the founder of Shang.


  1. Shang created the first bronze items they were very valuable.
  2. They also made jade weapons and jade jewelry.
  3. They also carved their writings into oracle bones they too made predictions with those oracle bones .
  4. They made many weapons such as knives, guns , swords and many more all of these weapons were either made out of jade or bronze bronze was really valuable at this time.
  5. The shang also made things out of animal skin like jackets, gloves, and robes.
  6. The shang created music too they used bones, wood, bronze, and sometimes even pottery.


  1. They were very successful in farming too.
  2. They farmed millet, wheat, rice, and barley crops.
  3. They also domesticated animals also.
  4. They domesticated animals like pigs, dogs, sheep, oxen, and silk worms.
  5. They also moved their capitols many times.
  6. Last but not least they were also successful in creating capitols.


Here's a picture of Shang's fantastic bronze work.


  • In 771 B.C.E. the Zhou religion replaced the Shang dynasty. The Shang dynasty is still known for their bronze making, and jade work. The Shang were also the first ones to make a weapon out of jade. That's all I have see u next time.


Here's the picture of the first weapon to be made out of jade. The Shang dynasty is still known for this.