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Many of you know that our community has seen an upward climb in the number of positive COVID19 cases. We ask that you continue to do your part to keep our skaters and coaches safe - over the next few days you will see communication regarding our safety protocols as we will have two rinks operational next week - but we wanted to highlight some here: • (1) parent per skater allowed in rinks. • No locker room access (players come 90% dressed). • Mask must be worn at all times while in the rinks (on-ice as well). • Social distancing for parents who are viewing and while waiting for your slot on the ice. • If you feel sick, please stay home. • Please follow the entering and exiting protocols in and out of the rinks.

Thank you families for doing your part to keep us all safe!


A big shout out to Barrel House! Thank you for supporting Saratoga Youth Hockey! Check out the Barrel House at 68 Beekman Street! They have GREAT menu & a fun atmosphere!

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AGE: 10 LEVEL: Squirt POSTIION: Defense mostly but they play all positions at this level.

FAVORITE THING/ MEMORY ABOUT HOCKEY: Watching the NY Rangers practice in Lake Placid.


FAVORITE COACH: I really like all of my coaches. They all make time for us and I know that they are volunteering. It must mean that they just want to help us be our best. My favorite coach is Tolan. My dad. He has always been there for me and my teammates. He makes playing hockey fun.


Name: Matthew Coseo

Teams you Coach: 6U Mite (Head Coach) & 10U Squirt "C" (Head Coach)

Players Name/Age: Ian (10) & Christian (6)

Hockey & Coaching Experience: I started playing youth hockey in Northern, Central and Western New York, played high school hockey (Clarence High School) and then club and intramural hockey in college (Colgate University) and law school (SUNY Buffalo) and currently I play in adult leagues and pond hockey tournaments. My first coaching experience was with Valley Youth Hockey in Syracuse coaching a squirt team in the Snowbelt League of Central New York. After moving to Saratoga, and starting our family in the Saratoga Youth Hockey Organization, I began to volunteer with the Learn to Skate/Play levels and on-ice help as needed before transitioning into a more formal coaching role. I have a USA Hockey Level III Coaching Certification.

Hockey Coach Style: Focus on the fundamentals – skating, skating, skating, passing, shooting and more skating (with the puck) in a high energy and exciting setting. I try to emphasize and develop the fundamental hockey skills early, to build a great base upon which the skaters can progress through the game. Above all, communication is key and we give positive encouragement to the skaters and build the concept of team through shared growth and development both on the ice and off. If a skater can finish a practice with a smile and having done one thing just a little better, it’s a great day for hockey.

What Made you Decide to become a Hockey Coach?: I have had a great hockey experience and almost all of that is owed to the phenomenal coaches I was fortunate enough to learn from - coaches that cared as much about the game as their players and teaching both how to be a good hockey player and a good overall person. My high school coach (Coach Bob Armstrong) was a brilliant hockey coach and teacher, and I learned so much from him. At graduation he gave me a whistle with his hope that one day I would use it to coach and help pass on the game. That’s the whistle I use out on the ice, and the opportunity to hopefully share the experience with my own children and their teammates is truly something special.

Tips for Being a Good Team Player: Embrace the concept of “team” and that each person on the ice is equally valuable to the success of the team. Encourage your teammates and celebrate with them success and rally together when times are tough. Pass the puck, set up the play, look for the open skater – be a teammate and above all be positive both on the ice and off.

Favorite College: Colgate University

Favorite NHL Team: Buffalo Sabres

Fun Fact: Growing up, I skated in the Hamilton Youth Hockey Organization and every year we came to Saratoga to play a series of games at the old rink on Excelsior Ave. My brother and I would face off with our cousins’ team, with my father coaching our team and my uncles (his brothers) coaching Saratoga. I will always remember the good games had, the cold rink without any walls and meeting all of our family and grandmother after the game around the wood stove in the lobby.

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Jr Rangers - January 2021

10 week program SAT at 10:30 AM

Start: Jan 2 2021 Ends: March 6 2021

$250—includes head to toe equipment!

Please contact:, 212-465-5849.

Saratoga Youth Hockey 2020-2021 Board

President: Rodney Eddy

Vice President: Melinda Guyett

Treasurer: Jason Hunt

ACE—Charles Nelson

Secretary— Ryan Marry Ryan

Registrar—Jill Ballou


Josh Cooper John Hartzell Greg Comora

Ryan Raymonda Kirk Emmons John Phillips Frank Ovitt

Travis Higbee Michael Montelone Abbey Temple

Mathew Coseo Aaron Cowieson

Contact information for all board members on website

Our history:

Saratoga Youth Hockey is a Non Profit organization founded in 1976 by Joe Vernon, Saratoga Youth Hockey has been providing organized hockey to boys and girls of all levels of ability in the Saratoga, NY region for over 30 years. We strive to meet Joe's dream of making ice hockey accessible to all.


American Red Cross & Blue Knight Blood Drive!

Thursday, Jan. 14th, 9am-6pm

24 Gideon Putnam Road

Saratoga Springs, NY

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