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it is good to have nutrients in you.You do not want to much sugar in your should want food labels all the time. You wut to be hethy all the tim. If you wut mor facs dist tel me/I hope you lrnd ubot nocre' food labels.


It is good to hav nocreing in your body. cardor ydrates are your body mahr ehergy. Proyeit help you growth.Fats giv you eneroy. Minera is keep your body working.
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ditare gidlids

A tivade healthy .Be physically a ctive each day.Nutrients are healthy food.Fthee food are not fat foods.I hac they som pepl dot no they is rile in porint.
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food labls

Food lab ms can help you to de healthy.It alsts nuchreinis facts.Food labels hav ingredien.IT

also tell how meny nutrients are in one serving.Dot now food labels are important.Think mixed messages make if difficuit to mak healthy choicnes about food.

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I hop you lrd again nutrient,food labls,ditare gidllids.