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August 10, 2020

Runyan Elementary Mission

At Runyan Elementary, we are a safe and welcoming community dedicated to student-focused learning driven by high expectations for all.

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

We are so excited to get started teaching again! We hope everyone's had as pleasant a Summer as possible (given the current pandemic) and is ready to return to learning!

We know things will be different this year, and what we plan for now will likely change as we progress through the year. Flexibility and adaptability will be keys to success! Each Runyan teacher will be tasked with managing face-to-face instruction and online instruction for the students in his/her class this year. We explored a number of structures to accommodate online learners, and though this is the most challenging alternative for teachers, we felt it was the best alternative for students. Combining face-to-face learners with online learners in the same class will minimize the need to move children to a different teacher's class as a student's need for face-to-face or online instruction potentially shifts at different points during the school year. Remaining with the same teacher, regardless of face-to-face or online instruction will allow teachers and students to build supportive and trusting relationships as we all manage life and learning during the pandemic. There are sure to be unforeseen obstacles and kinks to work out along the way, and we appreciate your understanding as we figure out a rhythm to our new situation. The bottom line is we are here to serve the Runyan community, keep everyone safe, and help our students achieve high standards!

Starting the Year Virtually

Conroe ISD has made the decision to begin the school year virtually. That means that although instruction will begin on August 12th, no students will actually report to campus that day. On August 12th, all students will begin the school year by learning virtually. Below are some important pieces of information regarding a virtual beginning:

  • Attendance will be taken every day. A student who is counted absent the first day of school will be dropped from enrollment, and the child will have to be re-enrolled as though s/he were a new student to the school.
  • A child may be counted "present" online in one of three ways. If there is ever a day when a child does not meet one of the below criteria, s/he will be counted absent for that day.
  1. The child makes progress or completes assignments within the online learning management system (Seesaw for PK-2; Canvas for 3-4). The teacher can see the progress when s/he pulls daily reports.
  2. The child attends a live video conference with the teacher.
  3. The child completes and submits an assignment for the day.

  • On August 12th, teachers will have two opportunities for students to join "live" chats and be counted present -- 8:00-8:30 and 11:00-11:30. The schedule will change after the first day, and your child's teacher will be able to share more detail about his/her schedule at a later date.


Runyan teachers have been reaching out to families to welcome them to the new school year and ask about technology needs since they reported back to duty last Wednesday. While we do not have the inventory to offer one device per student, we do want to ensure each family has access to online learning, even if siblings have to share a bit.

We began distributing devices last Friday, and we'll continue to distribute devices, by appointment, on Monday and Tuesday. Teachers have been setting these appointments up for families as they've welcomed them to the school year, but if for some reason you haven't yet had a chance to speak with your teacher and your family needs a device, please feel free to contact the school at 936-709-2800.

We hope to be able to check out some Wi-Fi hot spots in the near future, though we will only have a few to distribute. In the meantime, a WiFi signal is available in the parking lot at Conroe High School, Stockton Junior High, and Houston Elementary. If you need access, you may take your device to the parking lot and use the Wi-Fi signal. Choose the CISD Guest network. There is no password required. It is a filtered signal, and it is available 24 hours per day.

Realizing that Canvas, the district's learning management system (LMS) used last Spring, is a challenge for our youngest learners, the district has decided to go in a different direction for young learners. PK-2nd grade students will now use Seesaw as their LMS. 3rd-12th graders will continue using Canvas as their LMS. Help accessing Seesaw and Canvas as well as any other school-related technical challenges is available via the technology help desk:

Technology Help Desk

Help is available for any Canvas or Seesaw issues beginning Monday the 10th. Each weekday from 7:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. teachers, students, or parents/guardians can obtain help at: or at 936-709-7658.

Note: For Canvas help users should click on Help and Report a Problem. This can be done either from inside Canvas or prior to any login.

*** Important Note: All devices must be returned in good condition when the child returns to face-to-face instruction or by the end of the school year. If a device is lost or damaged, the parent will be financially responsible for replacing the device. ***

Ramping Up -- Students Returning to Face-to-Face Instruction in Stages, BEFORE September 8th

Attached, please review Conroe ISD's Ramp-Up plan. Please note, the "ramp-up" for attending school is only for students who have selected face-to-face instruction. Those students who have chosen online learning throughout the school year will continue in that manner. Below are some parts of the plan specifically pertaining to students attending face-to-face instruction in elementary school:

  • August 19th -- Students with the most significant needs, which are delineated within their IEP, will be contacted and invited to begin face-to-face attendance. They will continue coming to school from this point forward.
  • August 26th -- All face-to-face Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and 1st grade students are invited to begin face-to-face attendance. They will continue coming to school from this point forward. Students receiving Dyslexia services are also invited to come to campus up to twice per week, just for their Dyslexia lesson, if their parents can provide transportation.
  • Starting the week of August 31st -- Students in 2nd-4th grade will come one day only. They'll be divided into alphabet groups: Students with a last name beginning with A-C will come on Monday (8/31). Students with a last name beginning with D-J will come on Tuesday (9/1). Students with a last name beginning with K-Q will come on Wednesday (9/2). Students with a last name beginning with R-Z will come on Thursday (9/3). No 2nd-4th grade students will come on Friday (9/4).
  • September 8th -- All face-to-face learners, PK-4th, attend school from this day forward.

What Should I Expect to be Different Next Year?

As you know, given the current pandemic, their will be a number of changes to our current practices this year with the intention of limiting contact and keeping everyone healthy. Procedures continue to evolve as we learn more about combating COVID-19, and parents can review extensive information about what the district and campuses are doing to maintain everyone's health by accessing the Roadmap to Reopening icon on the district's website. We will adapt our practices throughout the year as necessary, but some of the things you can expect at the start of the year are listed below:

  • Visitors will not be allowed on campus unless there is an educational need. In practice, that means parents will not be able to walk students to class on the first day of school, and they will not be able to drop off lunches or join their child(ren) for lunch.
  • Because we cannot welcome visitors to campus, Meet the Teacher will be a virtual experience this year. Families can expect an email the afternoon of August 10th with a link to an introductory video from their teacher. While not ideal, we hope this will build some excitement about school starting and alleviate some of the anxiety associated with the first day of school for some students. Rest assured, we'll have staff on hand the first few days, and for as long as necessary, to assure each student gets safely to his/her correct class each morning. Please just send school supplies with the child on the first day of school, and we'll help them if they need us. :)
  • All students are encouraged to wear a mask or face shield to school everyday, for their safety and that of the other individuals with whom they interact. Masks are required for 3rd and 4th graders, kids in common areas and students riding the bus. The district is considering requiring masks for all grade levels, all the way down to our youngest students. There will be more information forthcoming on this topic... We understand there are certain health conditions that may need special consideration, and those situations will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Please keep in mind that students who have been in close contact with a person who has COVID-19 will have to quarantine for 14 days and will not be allowed to return to school until the quarantine ends. While a mask is not total protection from illness, nor from quarantine, it is a mitigating factor to be considered in making decisions about quarantine.
  • Families will be required to complete a weekly "check-in" screening in order for their child to attend face-to-face instruction. This check-in will come in the form of a link emailed to parents weekly, and the check-in indicating good health for the child and within the family must be submitted each Sunday before the child can return to school on Monday.
  • We will all be expected to practice social distancing whenever possible. Please explain and practice the concept with your child before school starts. We'll do our best to spread students out, but success is much more likely if the child knows and is familiar with the practice.
  • One of the settings where social distancing may be the most problematic is the bus. Families are encouraged to drive, bike or walk children to school if possible to limit the number of students on the bus and allow for more social distancing. Students who must ride the bus should social distance at the bus stop and will have assigned seats on the bus.
  • Finally, current contact information is crucial. Please make sure we have updated phone numbers and frequently monitored email addresses. Things change quickly these days, and if we cannot contact you, your child's health and/or education may suffer.

Student Immunizations

All enrolled students must have up-to-date and current immunizations to attend school. If a child is in need of additional immunizations, please find opportunities for free immunizations on the flyer below.

2020-2021 School Calendar

Assistance Information

Assistance Form 2020-2021

Forma de Asistencia 2020-2021

Remote School Counseling Services/ Servicios de Consejería Escolar

School Supplies for 2020-2021

Student Meals Distributed During Virtual Instruction

We will begin distributing student meals on the Runyan bus ramp each Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-12:00, starting August 13th. Unlike the Summer meal distribution, free meals will only be distributed to those presenting a student meal card (which can be printed, or displayed electronically on a phone from Parent Access).

Meal Prices for 2020-2021

Student Lunch $3.00

Student Reduced Lunch $.40

Student Breakfast $1.50

Student Reduced Breakfast $.30

Adult Lunch/ Second Lunch $3.75

Adult Breakfast/ Second Breakfast $2.50

Families may apply for free or reduced price meals using the link below.

*** Note: A new application for meal assistance must be submitted at the beginning of each school year. The previous year's qualification will expire after the first few weeks of school, and a new qualification must already be in place for the child not to be charged to eat. To avoid unexpected charges, parents should submit an application for meal assistance before the end of August. Help submitting the form is available by calling the school at, 936-709-2800. ***


For students with a positive balance within their MySchoolBucks lunch account, there are a couple of options:

  1. You can leave the money alone, and it will roll over to next year and be available to the student in 2020-2021.
  2. You can request a refund by clicking on "Contact Us" at the top of the CISD homepage. Scroll down and click on the MySchoolBucks link. Fill out and submit the form.
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CISD Non-Discrimination Statement:

The Conroe Independent School District (District) as an equal opportunity educational provider and employer does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability in educational programs or activities that it operates or in employment matters. The District is required by Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as Board policy not to discriminate in such a manner.

For information about Title IX rights or Section 504/ADA rights, contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504/ADA coordinator at 3205 W. Davis, Conroe, TX 77304; (936) 709-7752.