Parenting Through Transitions!

Yes, it can be done with a positive outcome...

Parent Education Evening at Epiphany, October 22!

Ask Yourself...

Do you find yourself DREADING certain times of the schoolyear or holidays that are supposed to be enjoyable, because you know that your child will struggle?

Is it hard to get your kids out the door, to practice, toward homework, or even home from a playdate in a "positive" and timely manner?

Are you asking yourself why ushering your child from one "fun" experience to another feels like such a hassle?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then welcome to parenthood in 2014! Our children are constantly asked to handle the many transitions in their lives with grace, but we, their parents, have not been given the training or tools to help manage these many changes. The good news is, reliable information and strategies exist that you can use right now. Get ready to feel more control and less worry during transitions with your child. You both deserve it.

Join Alison Bower, Parent Coach and Educational Consultant to learn practical parenting tools and language for raising resilient, self-reliant, and connected children...right in your very own home.

Positive Discipline Parent Education Evening Workshop!

  • Learn how to properly plan for yourself AND your child when events, expectations or changes are on the horizon.
  • Teach your children to recognize their own emotional responses when transitions happen so that they can handle situations in a healthy manner with...and eventually without you!
  • Practice how to feel connected to instead of frustrated with your child through times of transition. Knowing what is developmentally appropriate helps everyone!

Alison Bower and Alison Bower is an experienced teacher, administrator, curriculum designer and certified parent educator. Through her professional experience working with families, businesses and schools, Alison has seen that children feel better, respect is built, and relationships are strengthened when parents have proper support and good information. Organizations for which Alison either teaches ongoing classes or gives presentations include Starbucks Headquarters, The Gates Foundation, Expedia, The Washington Federation of Independent Schools, Villa Academy, The Giddens School, John Stanford International School, MOPS and more. Come and see what it can feel like to have the tools you need to parent well and build community in the process!