Milo of Kroton

6 time Olympic Champion, 35 championships total, Utter Beast

Milo: the Wrestler and the Warrior

Milo of Kroton was a prolific wrestler, born in the 6th century. He won his first Olympiad in 540 BCE, as a boy, and went on to win 5 more olympic titles. Besides wrestling, he defended his city in times of war. He was known to be an efficient warrior. Rumor has it that he would head out to battle wearing only a leopard skin. Very fashionable.

Milo the Showoff

Milo was known to perform many amazing feats including:

-crushing his opponent and making his ribs look like a spider

-stand on an oiled discus and maintain his footing when people pushed him

-when he was younger he would carry a newborn calf everyday until it was a full grown bull, he would then kill it (bare-handed) and eat it all

-grasp a pomegranate and dare people to pull it away from him, while he kept it intact

-outstretch his arm and leave his hand spread out but no one could bend his fingers

How many of these are fact and how many are fiction is up for debate but one thing is for sure, Milo was a fortress of a man.

A not-so Heroic demise

Unlike most Greek heroes, Milo's death was less than heroic. Milo was out in the woods one day and saw a hole in a tree. Being the masculine figure he was, he decided to split the tree in half through that hole. His hands became stuck and he was subsequently eaten by wild beasts. His remains were found at the foot of the tree.