Staff Weekly Bulletin

~Week 23~Feb. 19-~

February Assessments

K - 5th Grade

  • Math EOU CUM Opens 2/16
  • Math EOU CUM Closes 3/4

K-5 Grades

  • On-going reading assessments
  • data results and report out - 2/24

5th grade

  • CHKS (California Healthy Kids Survey) - Opens 2/16
  • CHKS Make-Ups - closes 2/26
  • Location: during library time

5th Grade

  • PFT (Physical Fitness Test) Opens - 2/1
  • PFT Closes - 3/18

3-5 Grades

  • SBAC Teacher Training - 2/17 from 1:45-2:45 PM, location-P5
  • SBAC Interim Window Opens - 2/22
  • SBAC Interim Window Closes - 3/11

3-5 Grades

  • SIRA Open - 2/22
  • SIRA Closes - 3/4

2015-2016 CELDT Results

CELDT Snapshot 2015-2016

1st - 5th grade students on this report: 176

CELDT Reading - Overall Performance

34% - Intermediate (level 3)

17% - Early Intermediate (level 2)

35% - Beginning level

CELDT Writing - Overall Performance

39% - Intermediate (level 3)

29% - Early Intermediate (level 2)

22% - Beginning (level 1)

1st grade (37 students)

Reading - 30% intermediate, 16% early intermediate, 38% beginning

Writing - 22% intermediate, 43% early intermediate, 22% beginning

2nd grade (32 students)

Listening - 40% Intermediate (level 3)

Reading - 22% Early Intermediate (level 2), 38% Beginning (level 1)

Writing - 25% Intermediate, 38% Early Intermediate, 38% beginning

3rd grade (47 students)

Reading - 36% intermediate, 15% early intermediate, 32% beginning

Writing - 45% intermediate, 21% early intermediate, 21% beginning

4th grade (36 students)

Reading - 53% intermediate, 17% early intermediate, 22% beginning

Writing - 56% intermediate, 25% early intermediate, 14% beginning

5th grade (24 students)

Reading - 38% intermediate, 42% beginning

Writing - 46% intermediate, 25% beginning

CELDT Growth-Flat-Slide data

ELLs in need of SRI in order to be reclassified

Science PD Interest

Greetings Crew!

Math COI will continue on the following dates: February 17th.

***Keep in mind that ANY teacher in grades 3-5 will be trained on the SBAC Interim on 2/17 so they will NOT be able to participate in the Math COI.

We will also be scheduling some Science or BAL PDs for February 17th. Please communicate with Teri your interest on Science topics. IF there's no recommendations, we will move with BAL COI.

Click here to submit your Science PD interest.


~Safe & Welcoming Environment~

Character Development


Month-long Focus: Compassion

Learning Target: I can show compassion towards others.


Community Assembly/Crew

CREW changes this week!

If there are additional changes to crew, please submit by 2/10.


Tapia & Vidal New

Goodie & Parchia
Brown & Queznel New

Ferrus-Garcia A & Davis NEW

Hudson A & Garcia-Pena A NEW

Community Assembly: GROUP A

Udovic & Perrone NEW
Saleski & Cato New
Pastrana & Nunez NEW


Gudiol A & Zucker A NEW




As part of OUSD settlement with CDE, ALL teachers are required to fill out this report to ensure that the mandated instructional minutes are being met.

Please click on the link below to take you to the PE Minutes Teacher Report.

Teachers: PE Minutes Report

Section 1: Place check on it, SEED fulfills the PE minutes the following ways:

1. 2- 50 minutes PE preps led by EEIP teacher

2. 1- 30 minutes PE teacher/Playworks every two weeks

3. 70 minutes spread out through two week period via teacher directed lesson plans as indicated on daily/weekly schedule

***Please print, sign, and return the Teacher PE Minutes Report to Beatrice by no later than 2/5.

*FYI: this request was given to the sites on 1/31 and required to submit urgently.

STIP Sub's Push-In Schedule

Greetings Crew!

Here is Ms. Morelia's new small group/guided reading push-in schedule; please click on this link.

Holding Data Chats with your students...

In preparation for our upcoming data chats (tentatively scheduled for 2/22-2/26), please ensure that you begin holding data conversations with your students.

You will be required to bring artifacts of group/individual data chats with your students.

COST Referrals...

Here is the link to submit a COST referral: Coordination of Services Referral - click here!



2016-2017 Budget Recommendations


Please click on this link to view the 16-17 SY budget recommendations. The recommendations are aligned to our academic, social-emotional, and operational needs; click here to view my rationale for these recommendations & School Performance Formula.

Please take some time to give input on this link.


Tuesday, February 16th

Beatrice continues with informal observations for all!

3-4 PM

PBIS Meeting

Wednesday, February 17th

Beatrice to conduct informal short observations for all teaching staff.

1:45-2:45 PM


2:45-3:30 PM
Grade level collaboration notes due to Beatrice

Thursday, February 18th

8:00-4:00 PM

Beatrice @ All-Day Principal PD

Admin Designee: Ms. Rivas

Friday, February 19th

Beatrice to conduct informal short observations for all teaching staff.

3:00-5:00 PM

ILT Meeting Agenda

1. Committee/Content Leads - Report Out

2. Learning Targets & SEL Learning Walks - SSC & ILT

3. School Performance Formula SPF

4. Continuous Improvement Guide & Accountability

5. BAL & On-going assessment grade level agreements

6. New CELDT scores and language implications

7. Enrollment projection updates

8. 2016-2017 Budget Proposal


Running Team Site!

I created a new site for our running team to help raise money to Grow the Music Program at Manzanita SEED Elementary School! benefiting LOS AMIGOS DE MANZANITA SEED.

Simply go to the page below and click the big FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button and you'll instantly have your own fundraising page as a part of our Team.

Please let me know if you won't be taking part in the running festival this time around.
Thanks so much.

Sam Davis