vasko da gama

assaf cohen

Born: 1460 or 69, portugal

Died: 1524, india

his journeys

  • He led his first journey in 1497 after his dad die.
  • The 4 ships which went to the voyage was:

    The São Gabriel, commanded by Vasco da Gama; a carrack of 178 tons, length 27 m, width 8.5 m, draft 2.3 m, sails of 372 m²

    The São Rafael, whose commander was his brother Paulo da Gama; similar dimensions to the São Gabriel

    The caravel Berrio, slightly smaller than the former two (later renamed São Miguel), commanded by Nicolau Coelho

    A storage ship of unknown name, commanded by Gonçalo Nunes, later lost near the Bay of São Brás, along the east coast of Africa[3]

  • His staff
  • In 1499 vasco reached