Hot Dogs

by:Aliyah Threadgill

The History of the Hot Dog

Hot Dogs is a very popular food,especially on the 4th of July.No one really knows where the 1st Hot Dog started,it will always stay a mystery.Some say the frankfurter was developed in 1487.Five years before columbus had set sail for a new world.Some reporters say an immigrant is the 1st to serve the dachshund sausage with a roll,and sold it from a pushcart in New York City'sBowery during the 1860's.North American Hot Dogs came from a very common European sausage brought to America by butchers of several nationalities.In the nineteenth century,the sausage was served for the first time in a bun,not just any bun,a special bun made just for the sausage.

Places of the Hot Dogs

The Hot Dog is served in many places.Some may come from a pushcart in the streets or a restaurant.For example

  • Der Wieners-Las Vegas