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I slowly pulled the string back, and aimed my shot at the target. I released the arrow and waited until the arrow hit our giant bag target. The arrow hit the target with a “woomph.” I was very happy when the arrow hit one of the targets near the bullseye. That was a great moment for me, and if you try to shoot a bow and arrow and keep trying you will be able to feel the same thing. To read more click here

This is me with my bow with the string pulled back all the way before I shot the arrow.

How To?

The best way to store your arrows is in a quiver, or an arrow tube. The arrow tube is made out of heavy-duty plastic with a screw on lid and a shoulder strap. The arrow tube has to be waterproof and have a solid bottom because arrows are dropped in arrow point first with the fletching at the top. Quivers keep arrows from breaking or bending. If the nock is broken you will need to replace it as soon as possible. Wood and carbon fiber shatter and break easily, so always have your arrows in a quiver when going from the target to the shooting area.

Slowly pull the bowstring back, and release the arrow with the trigger. Be careful to always where your arm-guard, so you don't hurt your arm releasing the arrow.

Making a Fire - How To

Make sure that you have a fire pit surrounded by rocks. You will need to gather plenty of kindling, wood, and tender. I always set up my fire in an upside-down cone. There are different tools you can use to start a fire with. The easiest for today is a lighter but, you can also use a flint and steel with a certain metal that is flammable. You need plenty of wood to keep the fire going but, make sure to have a bucket of water to put the fire out when you're down with it.

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Friendly Advice From Baron Wildantor

Dear Baron Wildantor,

My new bow and equipment are great. The only problem is my ten year old son found my bow and arrows. He tried to shoot the bow and nearly hit his arm with the string. I’ve tried to lock my bow up in my closet but, he still found out a way to get the bow. I can’t figure out how to stop him from finding my bow.

The third time he found my bow he had his friends over and had them stand next to the target. I really don’t want their parents to get angry at me if my son accidentally shoots one of them. I’ve tried to tell them to stand behind me any time I shoot. They cooperate then but, when my son shoots they stand next to the target.