Become The President

Isaiah Morrell and Lexi Myshka

How To Become President of the United States - EPIC HOW TO

Jobs Of The President

Party Leader - Depending on which party he supports, he becomes the leader of that party. He helps other members get appointed by showing up at their events and showing support.

Commander-In-Chief - The commander of the United States Armed Forces. This means all the leaders of the forces take commands from him.

Chief Executive - The president, although he does not make laws, he administers them.

Chief of State - The President represents the United States at public events. He promotes and represents the American Values.

Chief Diplomat - Interacting with the leaders of other nations. The President takes the lead in foreign affairs and administers them

Chief Legislature - The President doesn't make laws, but he can voice his ideas. He can set meetings with congress to discuss laws.

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Leadership Skills For The President

Leadership Skills For The President To Display As Well As Practice

Consensus Building - Solving a problem using many parties and many different people's input; Listening to everybody's opinion.

Effective Decision Making - As President, there will be many tough decisions to make like when to declare war, or what to vote on an important bill. All these tough decisions are what the president is about.

Tiger Teams - Starting off strong and staying that way. The President appoints some of his own people and its crucial they get off to a good start.

Establishing Trust - The President must create a good bond of trust between the people and the central government. If he establishes that, he will get many more supports and his approval ratings will be very high.

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Pressing Topics

As the President, one of the first things i would accomplish in my first 100 days of office would be totally redo the tax system. Its safe to say that everybody hates taxes and nobody wants to pay them. So what if we just got rid of all income tax? In my opinion, its completely broken an cannot be fixed. Instead of having income based tax, I would simply have a sales tax. What you say you get paid is what you would actually get paid now. But that comes with a price. I would raise sales tax by about 40%. This tax system would reward people who spend smart.

Roles Of The President

Party Leader

  1. Democrat

  2. By helping pass bills without a veto

  3. They can advocate for their party. He can continue to work on their behalf.

Commander In Chief

  1. He knows what the people need since he used to be one of them.

  2. He might not has as much of experience as somebody else would.

Chief Executive

  1. An example would be Obama’s health care act.

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Chief Of State

  1. A recent example is the water problem in Flint

  2. The president could stand by the states and have their back.

Chief Diplomat

  1. Recent examples would be the Prime Minister of China. To establish common ground.

  2. Israel has always been one of our allies.

Chief Legislator

  1. A controversial topic would be Obama’s health care act.

  2. He keeps making bills and advertising for it.