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But in recent days, an increasing number of film-making with technicalisation, Film Music fast, losing its autonomy in Audio Visual wewitness progressive, since success. Ilayaraja songs, music, creativity leftto their life stories. People the mood of the listener and the construction of the ear represents tayalan listening to his music teacher did not need to finish the scene was their tamil songs lyrics in tamil ownindependent biographies.

It tracks the consumption of certain scenes, satellite TV and cable TV that can detach consumption before the advent of music, their lyrics ownintrinsic values​. In other words, the independent film music consumption, as tamil songs lyrics in tamil it is now, we are surrounded by images of the music scene there was possiblebecause. Musicdirector win over the majority of cases, the film director.

But fierce competition between products without a product, along with the need to buy theconsumer deadlines, both in the national and international level, satellite TV, cable TV and radicalexpansion sudden expansion of the market, should be tamil songs lyrics in tamil based on indexed thecommunication revolution Change the very nature of the film's music and other aural experience asprimarily reducing Movie Music autonomy.

A ' spectacle society " we live in a large -scale visuals and images are beingdeluged cultural experience to be sideways ' investigation ' has been relegated to the ' care '. Freud's Anincurable moments before his trial, it ' looked ' at birth isachieved ego, is characterized as a logical consequence, both the child in the womb and after birth was inthe tamil songs lyrics in tamil immediately. Images of the same story, but here is the end of the world culturalexperiences.In atragic case, every song is a piece of advertising by a major high seductivevalue. The film's success depends on the successful program, now in its music buildpleasure.

This trend has brought about a proliferation of music television channels. This change in circumstances logic Accordingto, it was decided to hit the film music itself becomes successful packaging. TV requires visual representation of the ear, and the visual appeal of the ear ( as psychologists believe ) morepowerful because, as more attention tamil songs lyrics in tamil has been taken to songas catchy. Each song has become a powerfuladvertisement along with its scenes of a movie, because music is a lot of money on a visual extravaganza filled. Songsrevolved around the main theme of the movie, until recently, the trend has changed now.

Around the theme of the film is its music isbuilt. In recent days havevanished images from around the complex layered, twisted story, theatrical, ' Hum Apke Hain Kaun ', ' Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge ' and'Rangeela ' cause that's the kind of examples. Such as the visual expression of the dominant representation of cultural objects, be it cinema or shoes, soapsor any thing we see on TV advertising, Hearing autonomy damaged, it's a song in a film, orvoice or conversation over. Visual ear has imposed tamil songs lyrics in tamil itself.
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