Propaganda in the Modern World

Jared Gast

Big Purpose: Each country in the war wants to win the war

Small Purpose: Each country needs to keep their air-force strong and "firing" so the people need to take action.

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Propaganda #1

In this piece of work from Japan to get their people join forces by the power of the air force, is written in Japanese but, you don't necessarily need to have it translated to understand the purpose. You see many planes grouped into one, showing unity and togetherness, which relates back to the people "joining forces" to win their side of WWII. The fighter planes are flying over the flag of Japan which proves the relation to Japan. While we understand the overall purpose from the visuals, we must translate what the writing is to understand its specific purpose is. It translates to something close to, "Want to win the war? New government bonds make sure the airfare is strong." Why use the question? Because it is a loaded question to ensure the people of Japan they know they want to win the war, and to agree with the new government bonds.

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Propaganda #2

We have to keep firing or they will get us.

Slippery Slope

In this British WWII propaganda displayed in order to grab the British's public attention to "keep 'em firing!" (in terms of the air force proven by the visual of the plane next to the quote), demonstrates a more dramatic possible effect to not having a strong air force. The strong possibility of being bombed on their own home turf, shown by the demolished house and car. The cause and effect type relationship is shown by a slippery slope. If they don't "keep 'em firing" then bombings will happen here, therefore we must "keep 'em firing." This poster contains the word "we" in order to show that as a whole, Britain must come together to "keep 'em firing."

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Propaganda #3

Towards the end of WWII during the 1940's, German propaganda changed. As Allied powers begin to take down the Nazi empire, Germany realizes it must try to protect itself from other countries Air Force. By just looking at the visuals it seems very dark and somewhat obscure with the dark colors, and the skull flying a fighter plane. The skull represents the enemy flying their plane in German territory. The specific purpose of this propaganda is in the text as translated "The enemy sees your light! Black out!" They tell the German people to turn off the lights so allied people won't find you and kill you, essentially. This is done through a false cause where the "lights out" is a cause which has an effect where the allied powers do not bomb you. As a collective community we all must turn off our lights to so the allied powers to not see us, is a simple relation to the great purpose.
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Propaganda #4

Lastly, the American Air Force propaganda again tries to appeal to the people to give them "the fire" so they (the air force) can "give'em hell!" The visuals show a somewhat heroic looking air force soldier standing in a authoritative way, with planes flying in the background. Red, White, and Blue colors give the piece a patriotic heroic sight to it to appeal to the american people to truly get together and give them what they need to "give'em hell," the "fire." This is done through appeal to authority, with the heroic and authoritative figure, and a demanding authoritative request to "give us the fire." This piece uses the word we to appeal to everybody, as a united nation to give the American Air Force "the fire."

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My own propaganda

In my own created propaganda with the greater purpose to group together in support for the nations attempt to win the war and defeat the commies, has the specific purpose to gather peoples support to continue to back the Air Force. While it deliberately gives that specific purpose, there are four ways it does so. Firstly, the text is very demanding and seems to be above everybody (the general public). This comes from the appeal to authority, "What would you do without us?" is an authoritative question that appeals to the reader because it seems that they are greater than us, so this is true, what would we do? Secondly, the question already has an answer to it. Of course our nation would be destroyed with out the Air Force, therefore this is a loaded question. On the visual side, the piece gives you two and only two choices to the problem. You either support the air force, or you support the commies. Therefore, this would make a black and white fallacy. Lastly, with the check mark and x mark, it deliberately denigrates the commies with an x mark. Meaning that this is wrong, this is bad. On the other hand the Air Force soldier has a check mark meaning this is good. Therefore the good is criticizing the bad which is an ad hominem. There is deliberate criticism between the soldier an the bad communist.