Reese's Birthday Party

A candy party!

The idea

Candy Shop Party

All kids love candy. And there's a reason for the phrase "like a kid in a candy shop." It's a kids' dream come true to have their pick of candies from a big display. Kara of Kara's Party Ideas took the candy theme into every detail of this Gumball themed party with everything from individual gumball machines to gumball topped cupcakes and even ice cubes in the drinks that looked like gumballs. We love the vintage vibe to this party and how she tied all the colors together using a multi-colored gumball tree and banner. If gumballs aren't your child's favorite candy, pick another one to use as the highlight of the candy table.

What Were Doing

I think a fun way to have a party is to first come and make a cupcakes and we play Candy Bingo. After that we would eat dinner. Then we could give Dlyan's Candy Bar blankets and watch movie ( Also would be party favor). After would be go to bed then donuts for breakfast. Then they would leave.

Maybe a play or movie would be fun!

Amount of girls

There will only be around five or six girls including me and i want to invite....





Katherine Anne Massey,



This party will be located at our house .


I would like to use a email invitation for this party with candy on it.


The movie we will be watching is Decibel Me 2.


Dinner will be from California Pizza Kitchen.

Macan cheese please..

Candy Birthday Party Ideas // Candyland - B39

Things will need

we will need...

Cupcake mix/ frosting

the party in the link above!

The candy blanket ( do not include me unless it is cool)

bingo cards and set

packaged candy


Thanks Mom

if you have any questions you will know were to find me. ;)