Lowell Library Newsletter

December 2022 Roundup

December Curriculum

All students in K-5 participated in this year's Hour of Code as part of Computer Science in Education Week December 5th-9th. K-2 tried out our Coding BeeBots and learned to use direction coding to get the Bee through the maze or solve the puzzle. Several mats were available incorporating the retelling of stories, basic math, or color and letter identification. Grades three to five visited the Hour of Code site and chose an activity at their skill and interest level.

Second graders were introduced to Google Classroom and began learning how to change text in Google apps. Third grade continued with Google Docs Basics. Fourth grade was introduced to their Lego WeDo project and, fifth grade continued learning about how data moves through the internet and how their choices online influences what they see.

What We Learned: December 2022

Kindergarten: We learned about:
  • Coding Basics
  • Literature appreciation

First Grade: We learned about:
  • Coding Basics
  • Literature appreciation

Second Grade: Learned about:

  • Hour of Code
  • Changing text in Google Apps
  • Google Classroom

We learned about:
  • Hour of Code
  • Google Docs Basics: Inserting images and changing text
  • Lego WeDo Mars Rover Build and Code Project

Fourth Grade: Learned about:

  • Hour of Code
  • Lego Wedo Floodgate Project Intro
  • Keyboard Check

Fifth Grade:
We learned about:
  • Hour of Code
  • Data collection and privacy
  • Cookies and the Internet

Literature Appreciation K-5: Why We Tell Stories

Library, literature, and read-alouds go together naturally. The benefits of reading aloud and storytelling to kids are numerous including developing oral language and providing a rich foundation for literacy with a connection to community and culture. Contemporary children's book illustrators employ a wide variety of art techniques and designs to foster visual literacy and show the intricate connection in picture books between pictures and words in addition to enthralling students. Literature appreciation is an important part of our library curriculum. Hearing stories, reading picture books, and exploring the literature we read.

Our photo shows an activity related to the book A Polar Bear in the Snow by Mac Barnett and Shawn Harris. Students camouflaged their polar bear emulating Shawn Harris's technique of using cut paper and shadows. Fun was encouraged!

Freeze Dance with Scratch Garden

Move your body and follow along with Salamander in this fun silly freeze dance trying out different sports.

Please Return ANY Lowell Library Books You Find at Home!

  • My child has a library book from before quarantine. What should I do with it? Please bring it back! There is no penalty for pre-quarantine books and I would love to have them back in the library so other kids can enjoy them.
  • Will kids check out books this year? No, our library is still in storage and the number of books is limited. Kids will have a chance to enjoy books during library class this year which will, hopefully, inspire some ideas for outside reading.
  • Where can we access the databases and encyclopedias? Use the Lowell Library website and under SEARCH find a list of the databases students have access to through the school.
  • What will students learn without the library? Don't worry! I selected a lot of books to continue our read alouds each week. We will also take this time to explore more aspects of our digital learning curriculum such as digital citizenship and computers as tools.