How to make a PB sandwich.

The right way

We will not stop until you know the steps of making a great sandwich.

The steps to glory!

1.Take the bread out of the pantry or where you have it stored.

2.Get a butter knife out of the droor.

3.Take the peanut butter out.

4. Get a plate to make the sandwich on.

5.Open the bag of bread gently.

6.Stick your hand in the bag of bread.

7.Get 2 and i mean TWO pieces of bread out of the bag gently.

8.Place the 2 pieces of bread flat on the plate.

9.Place the butter knife in your hand.

10.Stick it in the peanutbutter.

11.Let the penut butter get on the knife.

12.Take the butter knife with peanutbutter out of the jar.

13.Spread the peanutbutter on one side of the bread only.

14.Get the other piece and place it square on the other piece with peanut butter.

15.lastly pour yourself a glass of milk.