Pamlico Sound

North Carolina Estuaries

1.) The Pamlico Sound is located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. 2.) Estuaries are important natural places. They provide goods and services that are economically and ecologically indispensable. Estuaries also provide homes and feeding places for animals and aquatic plants.

3.) Some plants and animals that live in the Pamlico estuary are he red cock-aded woodpecker, atlantic sturgeon, algae, a plant called phragmites australis, and striped bass. 4.) Some major rivers and streams that run into the Pamlico estuary are the Roanoke river, Neuse river, and the Tar river.

5.) Modern day pesticides cause the water to become polluted which harms or kills animals or plants in the estuary. Also sewage water can cause harm to the water because of the lack of cleanliness. Erosion can shape the land causing loss of sediments. Mainly runoff of chemicals from farms and industries causes harm to the species in the river.

Land Clearing and sewage water in the Pamlico


Thursday, May 5th, 9pm

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