Rudy and Freya

Premiering June 1st, 2015

The Shy Little Dinosaur Who Loved Flowers

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From the Creator of "Pigs Don't Fly?"

About the Director

Tamiyana is a 10 year old Gifted and Talented student who lives in New Jersey. Her production, Rudy and Freya, was originally a story she wrote in 1st grade due to her love of drawing. The names of the dinosaurs were recently inspired by fun times her toddler cousin, Rudy, has when he invites his favorite friend, Freya, for playdates.

Rudy and Freya Summary

Rudy is a shy dinosaur who finds comfort when he is with flowers. When he realizes that there is a way to preserve the beautiful flowers of Rainbow Forest he makes an unexpected friend.

Monday, June 1st, 7pm

Cranford New Jersey, United States

The debut of Rudy and Freya :)