January 13th - 17th

Mrs. Radtke's 4k Weekly Newsletter

Welcome Back!

The past two weeks have been pretty crazy with winter break and delays. This newsletter will include last weeks as well as this weeks news and activities we have been doing in class. I hope everyone had a fun and safe winter break.

Weekly Theme: Pizza!

This week we will be having a Pizza theme! There will be a Pizza Shop in our dramatic play area, we will be reading pizza stories and doing pizza activities. We will also be making our own personal pizzas! Please let me know if you are wiling to help donate to our cooking project. Thank you!
Last week we have started to explore our names more by making snowman as tall as our names! The children wrote the letters in their names we have learned in Hand Writing Without Tears. Over the next couple weeks we will start writing their names using Hand Writing Without Tears Language. I will be sending home more information on this.

Weekly Letter: Letter S

This week we are going to be learning the Letter S. We will be singing and doing the motion for the letter S by using Jolly Phonics. The hand motion for the letter S is weaving your hand in an "s" motion in the shape of an "S" and saying sssssss like a snake. We will also be learning to write the letter S by using the Hand Writing Without Tears language as well. Last week we learned the letter G. The hand motions for the letter G is spiraling your hand down like water is gurgling down a drain. You can find these videos below.

JOLLY PHONICS g song from Read Australia - Having FUN with phonics
Letter S_Jolly Phonics song

Valentine Day Craft Night

On February 11th we will be having a Valentine Day craft night here at Deerfield Elementary in the cafeteria at 6 PM. We will be making a craft as well as singing a handful of Valentine songs. You will be hearing your children singing some of the Valentine songs for the concert over the next month. They have had a lot of fun learning, singing and dancing to the new songs.

Radtke Reminders

* Star of the Week this week: Jose
* Valentine Day Craft Night February 11th at 6PM
* Book Order due January 24th
*On Tuesdays please have your child come to school with winter clothes on due to having recess